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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Dragonfly, Long Axe
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Back the Track Up
Typed by: pneumatic

Hello and welcome to the show, I'm your host Sunny Sumpter
Are you ready for some classic grooves
A little bit romance type song
Well here is, The one, The only..

[Long Axe]
Daddy long, Cold as we ask yall
Investigate life through the eyes of Mosun
Don't have to confess what I master it best
Comes after the laughter, Bebop to the street

Keep it hot in the projects, The Broad, We at home
Travel in sets, Bout as good as it gets
So steamy, Ultra dreamy, Thought pattern trend setters
From Thai to Bangladesh this is how we impress

[Long Axe]
We the core application, The one inch theory
A drink that a sober man needs to think clearly
You's a stand up guy gettin stood up high
Need a break from the culture, These women got eyes
And ears lookin so free, Deadly and sweet
At home in Atlanta, In somethin by the beach

So free up your rol-a-dex and put up your index
Finger let it linger like a swinger at a brothel
Apatite colossal, Hungry can't starve
Introducing Long Axe, Take a slice and call

[Chorus 2X: Long Axe]
Turn it up now, Slide the fade up
Hit record, Play the keyboard
You's a decoy, Play the mic now
And back the track up, And back the track up

Train stations to airports, I.D.'s to passports
Full to half court, I pros at this rhyme sport
Aint nothin gone change, As long as we arrange
How it is, How it goes, And givin you the Ohhhhh

[Long Axe]
Are you ready for the doors to open
Maybe if time stood still you could see these motions
I came with the force of a thousand oceans
Stand on my feet, You can see me floatin

This tide is so potent and hard to withstand
Not havin this song is like you lost a hundred grand
Say there man, Tell me do you have a light
Cause these Black Lotus niggas on fire tonight
And we gone make it all right, Mix and blend
And with no further a due, Axe tell em how it end

[Long Axe]
We be playin with emotions, Axe don't go for that
Nigga I'm stayin real close, Not a social cat
Most won't throw it back, Even if the pass had hands on it
This the foundation so we stand on it