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Artist: Bobby Shmurda f/ Ty Real
Album:  Shmurda She Wrote EP
Song:   Worldwide Nigga
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Ty Real & Bobby Shmurda]
I went to worldwide nigga from the block
I was fuckin' with some tools
(I was fuckin' some BLAW!)
Now I'm a worldwide nigga from the block
And I'm fuckin' with some jewels
(I be fuckin' with some)
I'm a worldwide nigga
On the block, I was moving six to twos
(I was moving six to twos, nigga)
The whole world know Bobby
They don't wanna meet the nigga Chewy true

[Verse 1: Bobby Shmurda]
Trap digits, crack picture
I was pack flippin'
Cash gettin', mad different
I was fast living
Mama always told me 'bout my bad living
Now days niggas say I act different
But fuck a case, my niggas still pack Smith &'s
And fuck the J's, my niggas do bag flippin'
And if they blowin' gray, my niggas gon' clash with 'em
Shoot ops broad day, my niggas is mad with it

[Chorus: Ty Real & Bobby Shmurda]

[Verse 2: Bobby Shmurda]
Goon nigga, wroom nigga
Here come chewy, you better move nigga, move quicker
Oh, let me tell you 'bout that lose nigga, crew nigga
Robbin' niggas at the school, nigga
First I check yo pockets, then yo homies, and you boom nigga
Boom nigga, let's go to war, let see you crew thicker
Shoot quicker, I run around with a few niggas
You niggas know 'bout my shmurders, we will move niggas
Fool niggas, keep playin' wild like the school, nigga
So play with mines, we gon' leave you on the news, nigga
They askin' why chewy shot him on the stoop nigga
Wasn't they friends? Man, I thought them boy's cool, nigga
But in the end, you ain't really know the truth, nigga
(He ain't know)
He is talkin' to the woop, nigga
(He ain't know)
Woop nigga, woop woop
Woop nigga, woop woop
Woop nigga, woop woop