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Artist: Bobby Shmurda f/ Ty Real
Album:  Shmurda She Wrote EP
Song:   Wipe the Case Away
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm tired of muthafucking lawyer fees
I'm tired of these muthafucking court dates
I'm tired of seeing this judge

[Pre-Chorus: Ty Real]
Why they want to pin a felly on me?
I ain't did nothing
They acting like they got the dime on me
Muthafuckers bluffing

[Chorus: Ty Real]
I let my lawyer wipe that case away
Oh, he wiped that case away
I let me lawyer wipe that case away
Oh, he wiped that case away

[Verse 1: Bobby Shmurda]
I told my lawyer, "I got 40 on me
Is you trying to go to court for me?"
These niggas trying to put a charge on me
Why they wanna lock dudes up
Why they wanna put some fraud on me?
They said I ran with a tudge on me
My momma prayed to the Lord for me
While my niggas go to war for me
My daddy paid the price hard for me
He was trying to live life large for me
He ran the whole nine yards for me
And we was driving niggas 54 for grease
We was in the courthouse oftenly
Even though they see a star in a nigga
The feds and sargeants still bother a nigga



[Verse 2: Bobby Shmurda]
Blow that case away, b-blow that case away
So I went and stashed 100K just for a rainy day
Niggas play, we letting semis spray, I catch a Fendi case
I dropped that body 'fore I hit the gate
That's on my granny's grave
My momma glad a nigga changed his ways
I was in and out of drama each and every day
We was flipping selling hard at my mama place
Nigga we was trapping hard like it was '88
First of the month, know that is my favorite day
Girl, when you come, know that I'mma let you stay
Girl, give me some, 'fore they try to take me away
I don't even know how long they gonna make me stay


[Chorus x2]