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Artist: Bobby Shmurda f/ Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Fabolous, 
	Jadakiss, Rowdy Rebel, Yo Gotti
Album:  Hot Nigga (Remix) {S}
Song:   Hot Nigga (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K,

[Intro: Fabolous]
Niggas got me on my Brooklyn shit (huh?)
Aye, what I told 'em, I said "Bein' hot get you the MVP (yeah)
Stayin' hot get you the Hall of Fame" {*gunshots*}
It's Loso (Brooklyn forever!)
Shmurda, what up, son? Brooklyn, what up, son? 
Huh, yo {"Jahlil Beats, holla at me!"}

I hit my shmoney dance when I caught the lick {*gunshot*}
I hit my shmoney dance when I caught ya chick {*gunshot*}
I Bobby Shmurdered that when she came round (came round)
Threw the hat up in the air, it never came down
And I just caught that body like a week ago (week ago)
Real quick, click clack, get to freakin', hoe {*gunshot*}
She want some hot nigga chillin' out in Mykonos
Or thot niggas all summer, every weekend, hoe (all summer)
I ain't no killer but don't push me, yo (push me, yo)
I had 'em killers in yo bushes, yo (bushes, yo)
Them trick niggas splurge on the pussy, yo (huh)
You give me one day, I'll +Purge+ on that pussy, yooo~!
You ain't seen these kicks since like the fifth grade (fifth grade)
Back when Bo Jackson and Ken Griffey played (uhh)
On my 90s flow, nigga, Young OG shit (Young OG shit)
On my GSC, Meet the Family shit {*gunshot*}

Can't hold you forever, you gon' get a date (get a date)
Tell 'em free my nigga Critter Mate (Critter Mate)
Hold ya head to all my niggas in the state (hold ya head)
D-Block, GS9, nigga, get it straight (get it straight)
Got the semi and the fully on me (BLRRRT!)
Gloves, mask and a hoodie on me (uh)
Case we need to steal a V, I got the pully on me (yeah)
I know you shocked, right? They got me on bully, homie (ahh)
It's fake love cause they really hatin' (yeah)
For my downfall, they really waitin' (yup)
Hundred yardies, a hundred Haitians (BLRRRT!)
I'm a hot nigga by affiliation

[Chris Brown]
Look, fresh up out the county, I done did a lil bid
Let the po'-pos run up on me, I won't tell them coppers shit
All this money in my pocket, you might think I sold a brick
I got four hoes and some Hen, some low pros on my Benz
And if I catch that nigga slippin', I'ma shut him down
Let my homies separate his body, call that +Seven Pounds+
Better cool out, I'm nice with the hands, you keep talkin' that shit I'll knock you out
A nigga be pickin' you up off of the ground for thinkin' you 2Pac
And shawty give me neck till I pass out
And she just gettin' checks cause her ass out
Makin' money, gotta be the fast route
Bitch, if you ain't fuckin', better get yo' ass out

[Rowdy Rebel]
Pow! Pow! That chopper make him Diddy Bop (Diddy Bop)
Free Slice Billy let my Billy rock (Free Billy)
And free a billi, let a billi out (And free a billi bitch!)
When Flex drop a bomb on us watch the city rock (Bomb Bomb!)
Made Diddy shmoney dance right on Biggie block (Right on Biggie block)
Make him bring a hundred bands and the city out (City out)
When Fresh pull up in that brand new yop
Watch me slide off wit' ya thot cause I'm worth about a milli now
Niggas think ‘cause we dancin 'round niggas won't get shot (Pow! Pow!)
That's Bobby Shmurda, not Bobby Brown known to pop up on the block (Pow! Pow!)
These pussy niggas better calm it down, get the same drop from that thot (That Thot)
And these fuck niggas don't come around cause they know they ‘gon get shot

[Busta Rhymes]
Fuck around and get ya shit popped (Shit popped)
Like hanging out too long on 91st and Winthrop (Bo!)
See you the type to probably get got (It’s the jux nigga!!!)
See, this where all the fuckery nigga shit stop (AHHHHHHH!!!!!)
Shorty climb this money mountain to the tip top (Get it)
Throw a hundred fifty on my wrist WATCH
Stayed with the +Heat+ they call me Chris Bosh
Angry cause niggas see me leavin the bitch block
Shout my nigga Web, shout my nigga Luger
Free my nigga Smiles free my nigga Scooter
I suggest you probably pray to Buddha
Conglomerate and GS9 niggas full of shooters

[Yo Gotti]
Let's talk about a hot nigga 
My dogs'll sit and rot nigga (Rot nigga)
Fuck the judge we never cop nigga (Fuck)
Who the first to bring that Lambo on the block nigga?
Poppin Aces in the studio wit' Bobby and ‘em (Shmurda)
Before all the labels started callin him (Or heard him)
‘Cause bitch I understand him cause I'm one of them (I am)
So know you hatin on me if you hatin on them (BAP BAP!)
Mystery shooters that's who we are (We are)
Made a million out a glass jar (Million)
Cocaine, I got dope bars (Dope bars)
My nigga Snootie just caught a gun charge
Fuck a law, ‘we gon ride strapped bitch (Strapped bitch)
We be ‘bout that beef fuck that rap shit (Fuck that rap shit)
And free my nigga Meek I'm on my Philly shit (Free my nigga Meek!!!)
And my New York bitch from Dyckman she Dominican

[Bobby Shmurda]
Grimey savage, that's what we are
Grimey shooters dressed in G-Star
GS9, I go so Hard
But GS for my gun squad
And bitch if there's a problem we gon' gun brawl
Shots poppin 'out The AR
I'm with Trigger, I'm with Rasha, I'm with A-Raw
Broad daylight and we gon' let them things bark
Tell them niggas free Meeshie, ho
Subwave, free Breezy, ho
And tell my niggas, Shmurda teaming, ho
Mitch caught a body 'bout a week ago
Fuck with us and then we tweaking, ho
Run up on that nigga get to squeezing, ho
Everybody catching bullet holes
Niggas got me on my bully yo
I'mma run up, put that gun on 'em
I'mma run up, go dumb on 'em
Niggas got me on that young shit
Got me on that go dumb shit
Doodoo stain gang

[Outro: Bobby Shmurda]
Got me on that go dumb shit, man
Trap mode in this mu'fucka, hotter than a bitch
Aiyyo, po' up, I need some more drank!