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Artist: Blueprint
Album:  Blueprint Who
Song:   Dream Big
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Yeah yeah. That's right
[Verse One]
It started with four of us
Me, Man, Warren and Bus
Labels wasn't linin' up, nobody was signin' us
Fuck 'em
Not a problem, got a lot of grind in us
To validate the talent that these cowards couldn't find in us
Didn't think twice when the game wasn't kind to us
Knew deep inside we was as nice as Mr. Rogers was
But hard to reconcile what my life was on
Uninspired by my job and tired of ridin' the bus
Couldn't find the time to write so inside I would cuss
Then later that night the MPC got fired up
Make tapes then place 'em, somebody buy 'em up
Make a name and visualize us climbin' up
The rhymes much more than words thrown together
It personifies guys tryin' to grow together
Against all odds like they didn't know no better
Some let go, other holdin' on forever
But it seems so far away
Especially when you wanna have it all today
So the kids can have a yard to play
And we ain't gotta grind till we old and gray
Since he was a kid he would dream big
Now those dreams he had don't seem big
Cause he appreciate how real the dream is
And how much of his dream he's lived
[Verse Two]
This is his true life story
The rhyme glory, the shoebox money
Dudes who remove all due props from me
You can do what you wanna do if you got enough money
With chicks you only stick if you not ugly
That give ends to his friends, try to fuck 'em
At his house unannounced try to bug him
On the scrotum, but on the totem ain't nothin' above him
Beyond your palms, y'all can't touch him
Your bars is off, your car plans stunted
Your arm is small, y'all don't want it
His army's small, but on some 300
We can re-run it
But the good times keep comin'
Streets buzzin' like a 100 honey bees hummin'
Naw cousin
None of your beats bumpin'
You're weak and borin' like the sight of Yao Ming dunkin'
Another weak sucker, bitin' his steez, frontin'
But he paralyze parasites and leave 'em buggin'
You ain't even from the streets cousin
If so you know he never been terrorized by mean muggin'
He don't believe somethin', until he sees somethin'
He told moms he would grow up and be somethin'
So she ain't gotta see her seed strugglin'
So stop it right now is your side of the di-scussion