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Artist: Blueprint
Album:  Blueprint Who
Song:   Blueprint Who
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[Various Who samples]

[Intro] [Roger Daltry speaking]
Whatever happened that day when Keith Moon joined
John, Pete and myself on the stage. Something happened
There are billions of people on this planet
What the FUCK put four, TOTAL individuals together
on the stage in Greenfoot to make this music. What the fuck did that?

[Blueprint talking]
This is gonna be some shit. Yeaaaah
Can't fuck with my patterns man. You know. Patterns. Yeah...right...okay

[Verse One]
Somebody said mix CDs was the jump off
In my ear like you need to get one off
The idea stinks, the stench won't come off
I got a real album so fuck off
Of course I'ma win it up against a bunch of sloths
I'm the best period, I never take a month off
You was out there comin' lovey-dovey comin' soft
I was fuckin' shit up, gettin' my nuts off
Even out west, they say that boy raw
Cause it's Cold187 in just one bar
He's so Ruthless
He's so Above The Law
Scoop bitches on a mountain bike, no car
After that all it take is one call
"Mind if I come through rockin' no bra?"
High heels and a long black overcoat
I don't discriminate girl, come as you are
See a chick will give me a piggy pack before I walk
See me in a paddy wagon way before I talk
Go far without a plane or a sports car
No hook from T-Pain or that gun talk
So dope though, I feel like a drug czar
I'm the writin' on the wall partner, no chalk
Rap it up geek
It's over for y'all
I'm 'bout to put my city on and go the fuck off