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Artist: Blueprint
Album:  Blueprint Vs. Funkadelic 
Song:   Don't Make Me Laugh
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[Verse One]
I'm on my grizzly no hesitation
I put my music out instead of waitin'
Everything that you rap about is speculation
You talk about doin' shows but never toured the nation
My reputation wasn't build by the press
So my records still sell even when I get dissed
I build my rep through hard work
I waited till my name got large first
For what I did to a 16 bar verse
Then I bought a crib, not a car first
I do more before 10:00 am then a lot of dudes do their entire careers
The path of my life is clear
Bully bitch rappers and inspire my peers
I'm not a slave to the stage or the radio
I'm not a follower of the fashion or the trends
My only challenge is to make good records
And be seen as a musician when this ends
You wanna turn rap into high school
You wanna gossip about what I do
Whatever it takes to inspire you
I wish I had something to gain from fighting you

Don't make me laugh

[Verse Two]
It's quite ironic what I see these days
You got an oversize hat but you workin' with a pea brain
Cats that never seen a turntable 
Got the nerve to make a song and call it "Go DJ"
When you stop writin' battle raps
People criticize you and say it ain't raw
We say we want peace
But we voted for a president that only know war
People say producers got soul cause they sample a bunch of soul records
But when you talk from the heart they don't say you got soul
They say you gettin' too emo and that they don't get it
I guess only Marvin Gaye can ask questions
The rest of us can only talk about rims spinnin'
As long as we worship material things instead of God
The devil keeps grinnin'