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Artist: Blueprint
Album:  Iron and Niacin
Song:   Keep Movin' (Rebuilt)
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Keep movin' [x16]

[Verse One]
I don't rush rhymes or count down the minutes my hands took
Pushin' pens, perfectin' rap hooks
My rap books
Inspired by the spirit of Sam Cooke
I know it's God's plan so I don't act shook
What's that mean?
It means that I can't be bought
By an A&R tellin' me I can't be raw
Forced to rhyme about a gold chain that hangs to the floor
I plan to see more
Than all of my fam's seen before I move on
Mom's told me that she'd do it with style
And travel the world if she never had a child
And I had to smile and thank God that she did her thing
As a caged bird, givin' her the gift to sing
And a day that she hoped would bring
A chance for one of her babies 
To grow up and spread those wings
Cause now-a-days most broads can't hold their own
Too dependent on a man and can't be alone
The bedrooms the only place they're used to being grown
So every month they got a different dude all up in they home
Layin' up, watchin' TV, answerin' the phone
Cookin' crack, smokin' weed, cleanin' out his chrome
He tryin' to get money
She's just a part of the plan
A spot to lay low
But she think she got her a man
Ain't nothin' worse than a single mothers despair
Hungry and scared
Kids wishin' pops was there
Every day it gets harder to bare
She wonders if her kids would be better off in foster care
But she holds on
She's so strong
Knowin' life goes on
And gains strength from an old song on the radio


[Verse Two]
Back to reality
Another gun shot, another casualty
Down the block, crime scene surrounded by cops
Apathetic, while the people stand around and watch
She's in the window
Wishin' that the violence would stop
I'm on my way home from work gettin' off of the bus
Saw the ambulance 
Figured that somebody got touched
But I'm happy
That it ain't nobody I love
A fallen soldier in a street war that died over drugs
It gotta be bad karma
Cause last time I saw him he was alive
Standin' on the very same corner
Out to take what the streets had to offer
Chest pokin' out as if he had body armor 
I guess not
When it gets hot, you can get got
And get left behind without your life in the same spot
It's ill
Could you imagine how it would feel
To be dead and not even know you just got killed
Just a spirit wondering if it's real
Lookin' down at your own bloody body while it lies that still
It's time to build