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Artist: Blueprint
Album:  Adventures in Counter-Culture
Song:   Go Hard or Go Home (Printnificence)
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch (w/ help from liner notes)

(Go hard or go home)


Around the way they say: That boy cold with the written shit
So cold, man, his tongue froze spittin it
Everybody wanna know: Is he gettin it?
But the only way he know is to live this shit
Years ago really who woulda dreamt of it?
Overseas doin shows really killin it
Young boy dreamin 'bout a car dealership
A bunch of hoes that want lifelong memberships
This is the realest shit, you gotta feel this shit
Been blessed all because of the penmanship
Get dressed, do beats with due dilligence
Can't rest until the whole world hear him spit
You can hear he put blood, sweat and tears in this
So every year you hear him is the year of Print
It sound mean but, dog, I don't wanna hear your shit
My mind's a machine, sometimes you can hear it click
Who got the biggest clique? I could give a shit
I roll so heavy solo you can probably feel my steps
I test mics, but the rhyme's no experiment
It's proven through trial and error, plus experience
Rappers in they bag, lookin for the biggest trick
But even in the smallest things he can hear a hit
Isolate the main part where the spirtit is
Then magnify it in size until it's a hit
I put things in places where they shouldn't fit
I put drinks in my body that you shouldn't mix
I ride a mountain bike that run through a slew of chicks
It's no fuckin question if I really do this shit
Bitch, I live where the yin and yang intersect
My perfect day is to make a beat, then have sex
Then laugh with the fellas and a can of Pabst
Kissin the sky like my man Jimi Hendrix did
Fuck what your interest is, what got you into this
The rhyme is the only thing that matter to a lyricist
There's no way that I can keep goin in like this
Because the good die young like Dilla did
My progression never ends, so I can never rest
Every rhyme is like climbin Mount Everest
Every beat is like runnin up stairsteps
Except I don't celebrate when I reach the crest
My entire mindstate is to be the best
Not the hot new trend that you think is fresh
I don't care which path is the friendliest
I'ma take the one that got no trace of human steps
I'ma tear rap down, then rebuild the shit
With total disregard of if the pieces even fit
Reintroduce it to you with an unfamiliar twist
Make it feel new to you like fuckin a different bitch