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Artist: Blueprint
Album:  1988
Song:   Where's Your Girlfriend At?
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yo, where's your girlfriend at?
She was lookin tight the other day
Tryin to hit that
Bring her over, I need to holla at her

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Where's your girlfriend at?  Take her back to my house
Sit her down on the couch..

Ha, Printmatic will drop, heavyweight stop any featherweight
You better not hesitate too long or meditate
My new song will demonstrate I'm too strong to ever make
a costly mistake, I'm sharp as a switchblade
With artistry displayed, you awfully bitch-made and heartless
Yellow belly, scared of the darkness
My melody sparks this, you better be cautious
I'm heavenly, with the pedigree of a marksmen
Ask anybody, crashin ya party, smashin ya hobby into dust
You better build your shields instead of parlayin with us
I'm comin out on top you lookin tired in the clutch
And any groupie who was into you is gettin touched
But enough of that, back to the rugged rap
Motherfucker clack, where's your girl at? (Back to the rugged rap)
(Motherfucker clack, where's your girl at, girl at?)
Where's your girl at?


Yeah... I'm not a gentleman, I just dress like one
Foghorn Leghorn comin after your hen
While she daydreamin I stay schemin
Takin money out her change purse if she got it to spend
I only take the 5's and 1's
I'm nice enough to let her keep the 20's and 10's
Then I, hit the block with it, or buy stock with it
Play dice, crap out and laugh with my friends
Add me to any beat you got a banger
Add me to any mic and it's a magical blend
I came in this rap game with one goal
Be the baddest motherfucker with a pad and a pen
I might not bag a dimepiece in my life
But as long as two 5's still add up to 10
Then I got options every Friday night
And a team of mediocre broads grabbin my dick

[Chorus] - 2X