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Artist: Blu
Album:  HerFavoriteColo(u)r
Song:   Wind(terlude)
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Must have been some karma from the second verse of "UpAllNite"
One minute loving life now all we do is fuss and fight
You fucking right I'm fucking pissed, I'm fucking right
You fucking his right? You fucking right?
Next thing you know she gone, that's how you know she wrong, months
ago she wouldn't sleep alone
Now she don't even speak on phones, to me it means that shes in peace
but uhh... to each is own
Treat her like meat and bones, kisses and reads her poems
Looking to clean her loans, why you clinging on?
Used to think that home is where heartbeat is, it's never where the art-ist is
So she teases, teaches the old dog new tricks, Kathie Lee & Regis
Co-sign a new whip, happy just to be with
Classy as a drink, ink pen-speration, been a minute since I kicked some new shit
Pink lips to patience?