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Artist: Blu & Exile f/ Aloe Blacc, Joseph
Album:  Below the Heavens
Song:   Good Life
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[Intro: Blu]
Yeah, (laughs) this is the story
of wealth, cash, whips, chips, bitches and blunts
must be the good life right?
check this yo...

[Verse one: Blu]
I got a call from my girl last week
She telling me about that time of the month and how it may not come
Dropped the phone right before she said I might have a son
And I started asking God how come
I got dreams I ainít reached yet Ė ends that ainít meet yet
When it comes to being a man, shit Iím barely getting my feet wet
Trying to hit reset knee deep in debt
Trying to figure out how to feed a mouth that ainít got teeth yet
How the hell am I gonna show a child to be a man
When Iím twenty-two without a clue on how to take a stand
Against this system when itís just us, Wanna show Ďem justice
But last year I was just in cuffs
What the fuck am I supposed to do when heís telling me ĎDad I need some foodí?
Iím looking down at my stomach and mine is grumbling too
What can I tell him when heís twenty-two
And heís asking me what the fuck I was thinking when mommyís tummy grew?
Was I scared, was I getting prepared?
Or did I even think of leaving her without a fatherís care?
Should I tell him that itís hell here and life ainít fair?
Or should I try to make a change when heís pulling on my leg?
(show Me)and he keeps on telling me to

show me.. show me the good life (X4)

[Verse two]
Wonít somebody show me thereís a few things my poppa never told me
Maybe cause the stone still rolling no remorse yet
Its a few things my momma never told me to mold me
But her soul is so golden the way she flossing
And I aint mad at their secrets though
Itís a hard sell to tell a young child about your deepest low
But I don seen through the weakness so
I understand a little bit on how the defeat ? ?
You so, far down that you ? grow
And everyday gets colder when the breezes blow
Grand momma sat me down and said, 'you need to know
Boy you a little light in this world, let your ? glow
Have patience some things take time
And aint no limit to the goals that you could hold in your mindí
Lift the soul when you crying Ďtill you reach the gates of heaven
Like your chariot is carrying children who going blind
And you going to get their sight back, when all they see is night black
Believe in everything that you doing and just like that
Things will happen for you, keep shining them ?
Itís bright enough to spread over a million graves
Over a million slaves to bring honor to the elders
Who held us away from danger when the danger would have killed us
They never failed us but they souls have peace
And follow in their steps, you got brother to keep
In this good life


[Verse three]
Check it out, there's so much I can show you
Without rolling through Beverly Hills
Without money, cars, clothes, or even ecstasy pills
I donít need weed to ease me when Iím stressing for real
I just close my eyes and try to think how heaven feels
Just to feel good again, even though I know when I open them
Itís back to the hood again, where kids hold chrome with them
Just to feel protected, cause these videos are showing them
How to shoot fools and take their doh from them
That why I try to give my soul to them in lyrics I spit
And they rejected cause they stressing for material shit
Their getting sick and tired of fighting over cereal gifts
Cause they know these bitches go head over heels for the whips
And the chains, and the chips, and the range and the clips
In the guns and the women and the fun living in cribs in the burbs
Fuck the slums aint no funds and they heard the burg is
A ticket and they get it and run with it
Some slip and fall, others pause see the outcome and crawl
On the road for some change, cause the game was too hard
To play straight by the rules
Iím trying to stay out the news
And make cake to buy food
fuck jewels I think my soul glows bright enough
And fuck whips I learn more when I ride the bus
And fuck   its bad enough that we fight for bucks
And fuck hoes cause in the end I need a wife to love
Plus heaven is the life for us so God..