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Artist: Blue Scholars
Album:  Blue Scholars
Song:   The Ave
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I be a patient man waiting for the rain to come down 
My feet touch the ground but my head's in the clouds 
I be Prometheus Brown stealing the fire out of heaven
The setting is several city blocks off the 71 stop 
I walk about the district, distracted by 
The decadent madness of all the undergraduate addicts
Club rats, heads, space cadets and pragmatics
One of the few places that they coexist on the planet
Whatever happened to the avenue before the summer of 2002
Lounging with crew on 42nd
My how time flies when we're waiting for the chariot
Eating vegan sandwiches with cannabis subtracting our sobriety
Pondering society itself
He's eyeing me like I ain't going to bring it to his health
He don't want it, 'cause certainly he knows he's just another
Sucker without his fraternity brothers to back him up

[Chorus: 2x]
Campus Parkway up to 41st 42nd 43rd 45th and up to 47th
To the edge of the bubble, all delinquents they laugh, saying
Fuck class, get your education on The Ave

I be a patient man, waiting and checking for the sound
Of potential break records up at Second Time Around
In fact, we made this track from a sample we jacked,
From some vinyl we dug up out of the crates on The Ave
Rats escape the lab infestations in all
There be cracks on the sidewalk made from the fall
A natty dreadlock strumming on his broken guitar
Singing Babylon Fall outside of the bookstore
I purchased a journal in which the verses I recite, reside
I write vividly to capture the vibe
I'm like "Hey kid, walk straight, master your high
If you listen you can hear the eye of the city cry"
The sound is often drowned by hollering scholars
Intoxicated so save it for the coffee shop philosophers
The so-called artists, the poets and the prophets
Scenery is changing, and nobody can stop it

[Chorus: 2x]