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Artist: Blue Sky Black Death & Jean Grae f/ Chen Lo
Album:  Evil Jeanius
Song:   Threats
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[Verse One] [Jean Grae]
I'll jack a beat from ya
Take a little bit of heat from ya
Am I frightenin' ya? Shall I continue?
Take the light from ya
Redesignin' the song and when the mic enters
The whole crowd sing along
Just a like a duet, and who's got the best shit now?
The technique, peep the new set
And I don't mean two teets
Never try to run up you dumb fuck
This is an unusual musical, reconstructed 
You're lookin' at the new Harriet Tubman
So all critics can suck this
I don't care if you're the Gulf kid's mothers
The hall kids lovin' ya, you're only fuckin' yourselves
For 7 years they had me sittin' up on the shelves
Never likin' y'all what?
Like I wasn't tryin' to tell
A little compensated but I still feel hatred
Female, black and young so they wanna strip me naked
You'll never have me like none of my adversaries
But catch me in Manhattan, frontin' like Halle Berry
On the M.T.A.
Any time of the day
Blastin' out the headphones, The Best of Jay
You can't ignore me, I swear Jean is here to stay
I'll pu a spell on ya
You're startin' to look like bread
From here to California, niggas will buy me instead
Check the proper grammar
Royal fuck with your head
Ayo pause
You know what the fuck I just said
[Verse Two] [Chen Lo]
You can sound the drum for the champion
Vocally legendary, mic legacy to y'all, I'm Mr. Extraordinary
Upper K specialist, MC supremacist
Bling nemesis, afro indigenous mic therapist
Air play
I'm all up in your face til it's my way
Put the mic down, turn around, step away
It's for official use only 
Surrender your stance
Save the dance like you trespassed out your weight class on fight night
I'm weighin' at the tonnage of sunlight
With speed like your death with mic cords to your windpipe
We bomb like Baghdad
Nights you outmatched
Totin' spears with the feathers attached
It's combat, this ain't rap
Jean will draw a line in the sand 
So we can usher in the true hip hop with heavy hands
Rated African
Heavenly syndicate
We managin' and cause panic in any unworthy so they abadndonin' mic stage
Radio waves, I think we all heard enough of the same
Mundane over again, fuck all the fame
As long as blood is blue in my veins
I'll be rockin' with the best of 'em and changin' the game
Ya heard?