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Artist: Blue Sky Black Death & Jean Grae
Album:  Jean Grae: The Evil Jeanius
Song:   Lights Out
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[Verse One]
She's back once more with a flask in hand
The bad ma'am
Damn hot like an afghan
Just ask Ann
You'll get a bit of the mad plan
Observative work
And just ask like a TWIRP dance
At first glance
Miss Grae style I've been dirty
Beneath the surface, can't curve me
I'll swerve into you on purpose
Worth gold bars, Fort Knox
You're just worthless and I'ma
Permanent fixture, mixture just like your favorite liquor
The picture of a sicker and thinner and lighter young Oprah
Not the visual though
But thinkin' bigger
You don't know of it but so what?
I'm gonna open up for shows now
This year?
I'll be the close down
The clothes stay on, nigga the flow stayed strong
The hoes days are gone
And I toast with 40's all wrong
We walkin' long while you whippin' your truck
And smashin' bats to rims and screamin' "We don't give a fuck!"

[Verse Two]
I do not yell
I'm too cool for it
I let her move loud, through on a jack chorus
Act lawless I'll slap back your slack pectorus
Slick like The Mack, I talk smack, shit, your facts bore us
Animalistic when I rip, get your skin flayed off
I rhyme 100 bars
You couldn't flip 8 off
I'll rhyme to your heartbeat
Stage in the car seat
Blaze hard from the corner
Gutta curb to the varsity
You'll hardly play it right
I never sleep
The day and nights all in the same frame of mind
In time, respect mine
Flexible mind
Can bend spoons with the flick of an eye
Dispense goons with a signal and sigh
(So watch out now)
I'm out now
Better get inside
Like when the street lights came on when you was a child
I'll let your mama hold a switch like I'm the Jackson Family
Smackin' your fanny
You'll get forgotten like your Rebbie or Randy
I'm rotten