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Artist: Blue Raspberry
Album:  Enter the Blue (S)
Song:   Enter the Blue
Typed by: Knowledge God

[Intro: Blue Raspberry]
For all those who tried to sleep on me
Talk about me
Talk about what happened to Blue Ras'
What happened to Blue Ras'?
I was off the scene for a minute
I'm not tryin' to come out singin' background vocals
and background singin' on everything
I ain't just good for singin' on hooks
This is mine right here
My time to shine
My time to rise
Watch me rise (x3)

[Blue Raspberry]
You thought you could hold your sister down
I got some news for you
Comin directly from the Wu
You thought yo cuould sleep on me, sleep on me
But it's time to wake up
I gave the others a chance to shine
Ohohoh and now it's my turn
Ohohh it's my turn
I'm here to let y'all know I'm comin' out
Who wasn't with me before ain't wit me now
Sorry, don't even try it
Oh yeah
I'm comin' up
I'm comin' up

{*"Blue Ras" in background til fade*}