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Artist: B a/k/a Blu
Album:  Jesus
Song:   On the Porch
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[scratchy R&B sample]
Soooooooooooooooo long
I hope we meet again, one dayyyy
And I'm hopin maybe then you'd say
Darling, I found out I was wrong
Yes I did

Eh-heh, ohh, ay
Sittin on my back porch, rollin up a raggedy blunt
Told that hoe she just a raggedy stunt
Used to watch Raggedy, ass Andy growin up
Now I watch Annie Ella's ass bubble 'fore she stunt
Can't believe she told my lady I was stuck up as fuck
Had to think about the bubble as I puff, fuck
Sittin on my dad's porch, cracked open cold-ass brew
Told the homey he ain't colder than Blu
So cold, no one told no one what we went through
We just shat and lit a match and do what young G's do
Through the lights on, shittin on you niggaz with the BOOP
We just shat, lit a match and do what young G's do
Aiyyo, king shit, cash king, yo
Crown Rock, Royal Blu