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Artist: B a/k/a Blu
Album:  Jesus
Song:   Birdz N Beez
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Aiyyo the birds and the bees
And all the beautiful things
Ay, Superbowl rings
Aiyyo you stupid though, sing
It's like birds to bees
And all them beautiful things
Aiyyo Superbowl rings
Ha ha, niggaz stupid though, g'yeah

Yo, aiyyo, birds to bees
Usage of words beez absurd to me
New meaning of flippin birds to me
Had the homey hittin curbs with me
They heard of merkin you with burgundy
Used to circle streets
Properly pixie kush, seats luxury
Had the pockets on Urkel tight
With a light ultra flair
Have them niggaz even heard of flair
Young peers never heard of stripes
Rockin moon metals ultra bright
We at the light posted
They end up flippin like, but I'm holdin them
On the phone with the flip, I'm tryin to flip my mornin

Yo, aiyyo birds to bees
Yo, and all the beautiful things
Aiyyo Superbowl rings
Yeah, you niggaz stupid though, sing
Aiyyo, aiyyo the birds and the bees
Yo yo, and all them beautiful things
But yo, it's like a Superbowl ring
Ha ha~! You niggaz stupid though, sing
Yo, aiyyo... {*R&B samples take over to end*}