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Artist: Bloodline f/ Eternal (Planet X), J-Nyce (Psych Ward)
Album:  Let the Blood Spill
Song:   Salems Lot
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[Intro: Sound byte from Salems Lot movie]
Nosferatu, awakin' to hell your soul I'm takin' 
as deep as it gets rippin' through the flesh with 2 holes of death
mark is on your necklace I infect the pain is endless
like a death sentance relentless, drain with no repentance
corner stone of death, dirty deeds and their done dirt cheap
I creep deep inside your sleep for the bloody feast
Awoke, and raised up like clouds of blunt smoke
The undead, risen from the prism like a ghost
My host is wearing white again, the womans life's a mystery
Seven black horses carry corpses lead by gypsies
Rage in the solar eye(?), quick before the sun breaks
The light is hurting my eyeeees, take me to my resting place
It's dark as fuck, inside the coven you get stuck
It's dinner for the undead, you bled once I struck!
From dusk 'til dawn, night stalks, the blood spawns
the light face the darkness, we lurk beyond
armed suicide bomb 'til my soul is reborn
while my 2 queens sing such a meaningful song (cm'on)
bred a tall(?) from the night skies, disturbin' the peace
emerge with the freaks, decapitate the personal speech
I'm vengeful and ventful to pray on the weak
My reflection is a mystery, the feast repeats
I release the beast and take a shot of warm blood
Immortal life givin' the stone turns to mud
Your palace walls crumble to the floor we at war
So we break for the morgue and swing the sword with the lords
Escape in the wooden box, toss stones with rocks, 
Then we swam in flocks and shatter bones with shots
Ground madness, King of the dance, they all watch
Eternal life breathes through the cemetary blocks (blocks)
My dead rights, move with the black clouds of midnight
Dread lights, drainin' the life out your windpipe
Last crusader, Vampire, Vlad the Impailer
We dark creators, Leavin' your skin stiched and taylored
My vocals leave your neck with pokeholes, chokeholds
So cold, Layin' in soaked clothes
Slowly slaughter your daughter with holy water
My killing disorders, Leavin' the world out of order
Sleepin' in coffins, Creep in with lost limbs
My lost Timbs, leavin' blood trails out your organs
Escape in a church, I reemerge in a black hurst
I hack nerves, Drainin' the blood 'til the track bursts
Blood drainin' in my glass (?????)
My stained glass, Leave your brains bashed
Veins slashed, that's my main task
Raise from the dark, Not even a steak through the heart
can settle my onslaught
Break through chambers in SALEMS LOT