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Artist: The Black Opera f/ 14KT, Rasheeda Ali
Album:  Libretto: Of King Legend *
Song:   Peace & War
Typed by: @TheBlackOpera @MelloMusicGroup


Put the Sword down
Some days I wish I never wore a Crown and jumped Ship overboard bound
But then I think of that Woman and newly Born Child
Starin' at Death in the foreground listenin' to War sounds
Over here it's Fire Arms shootin'
Speedin' cars movin' burglar alarms from lootin'
Over there it's Tanks and Missiles it may be different Agendas taught
But when they tally up it's a similar End Result
Heavy is the head of a Sire
It can break YOU like a levy or the pledge of a Liar
But it's my responsibility to try to stop the Killin' Spree
I'm Fighting for the Righteous not the in between
So with Blood on my Blade know it's with Love I have Slain
Had to cut through the Vein of what troubles Today
So leave the pins stuck in Grenades
To the Babies lookin' up here's the Structure we've laid

Look, I don't wanna Fight. I just wanna Live
I wake up every day like Damn, Something Gotta Give
The hunger in my head not like Somali kids
YOU can see they ribs and its not inside a fridge
Still they keep a Peace of Mind. The heat make me stress
And, that ain't overseas. It's right on my block, my crib
Next to vacancies where hypes got a pot to pitch
They need a Agency to spy like WE Mafia
And, WE Hate it so WE sly while WE robbin' ya
like Jakes be adding 5 to speedometers
Idiots Boxed in. Trynna farewell to welfare
Biological Chemicals, Troops killin' for Health Care
Sayonara to Biblical Laws since umbilical
WE fought a Spiritual War through the Physical
Angel of Death on the creep. So WE can't sleep Alive
I just Hope WE Rest in Peace when WE Die

"I don't wanna Fight. I just wanna Live
I wake up every morning like Something Gotta Give
Death on the Left. Crime on the Right
Will it ever Change? Probably not overnight
This World will test YOUR Heart. It'll test YOUR Soul
It'll make YOU wanna break down and Lose Control
YOU might wanna Fold. YOU might Live in Doubt
It's ALL in how YOUR cards dealt and how YOU deal em out
Some say its half empty. I say it's half full
I know at times Life can be more than a handful
Reach for the Sky. WE get everything WE plan for
Peace and War all depends on what YOU Stand For."