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Artist: The Black Opera
Album:  Libretto: Of King Legend *
Song:   His Story (EnterLude)
Typed by: @TheBlackOpera @MelloMusicGroup


His Story now made Public
YOU think YOU know His scrolls but He changed something
Became more of what YOU Hate to Love
They got Goonies but His warriors is Bladerunners
Wilson with His face covered
The prayed for Him while associated preyed on Him
Boom. Diss-Abel(ed). Left Cain's brother
The Phantom Menace to Society, as Reign thunders
His flashing memories like lightning when pain struck Him...
Unraveled imagery and frightened when came slumber
He felt His Life was like a chain letter
He read His Future like a bible to maintain Heaven, On Earth
Fighting what His brain tell Him
They say His Enemy's inside. He say the same different
He say they plottin' His demise. So He slain Women...
Children, Property. Took Lives to they came for Him