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Artist: The Black Opera f/ Melody Betts
Album:  Libretto: Of King Legend *
Song:   Black Lair
Typed by: @TheBlackOpera @MelloMusicGroup


Welcome to the Black Lair. The Dark matters in My Cosmos 
Qwazaars going Pro, Blacker than Mutombo 
Nose poking thru the Black, layers in my wardrobe 
Got Holy Rollers low, lap dancing on my Gonzo 
Take off YOUR bible belt. Sit have a Convo 
Thinking things what they seem fabricates YOUR costume
PERCEPTION IS KING. YOU never know who's the Diablo 
When YOU'RE electric the average lake will shock YOU 
In other definition: Perception is what's Guides US
Like premonition to a Psychic 
They say ‘YOU complex.' ‘Man, YOU way too complex.'
So I gotta filter when I write it. It's nonsense 
Feel like I'm here for something much greater 
Catching the Spirit like a ghost chaser 
My Image missing like I'm ghost-facin' 
But I'm no sound-alike Bronson 
Action, floating from my satellite conscience 
Con-science. They say WE ALL Vessels 
So I should pack it in my jacket but my jacket's Full Metal 
OUR Glory unfolds with every lyric that I shoot
OUR Story untold like It Was Written by a (mute) 

Believe None of what YOU hear, Half of what YOU See 
Some of what YOU read, between and underneath 
The lines hidden, fine printin' 
Finer than Solange Sister with ya Eyes squintin' 
Feels like we're livin' in a Time Capsule, visitin' the Now After 
Travelin' through Space and Time the Speed Sound Travels 
Mock Now, Bow Later 
We'll see who's standin' by their Word when it all goes down, Frasier 
The Greatest. When they was passin' out Labels,
I was movin' the ground pavement 
The Lost and proFound statements 
These niggas don't Hear me though they smokin' on that LOUD baby 
Is HISstory repeating? Or WE just repeating His Story?
Art imitating Life or Life doin' the mimicking? Haha 
House of Mirrors WE reflect the current imagery 
WE just feel The Spirit like WE hearing BeBe's Sister sing 
CeCe. Carbon Copy 
May archaeologists find this armored body 
Learn from the past, never live in it 
Or burn into ash in the wind missin'