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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   Way I Feel
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Long Axe]
Ain't nobody gon' stop the way I feel
(Do it now, getting down, looking 'round yo)
It's all and how you bring that shit for real
(Do or die, never die, if we try now)

[Long Axe]
Stopping is for quitters on the verge of burning out
Doubting is for fakers with no force for coming out
Working is for hustlers selling tapes, discounted
If I aimed and missed, shit, atleast you know this counted
My son older enough to hum along, man, we come a long way
From boom bomb, real estate in L.A.
Sy' moved away, and now we all got lifes now
Fly's a daddy, I got a girl in N.Y. now
How many times you gotta see we got beauty
I know we got talent, but the pain is so silent
I welcome new blood, but not from my body
Sweat is OK, if I'm rocking the party
Tears, well tears ain't came in a while
So I put in a verse, then wrote it in a style
Emotional efforts, touch hearts like a new born child
Meanwhile, I'm focused on the green now
Avoid the penile, cuz it ain't what I need now
I'm doing things, trying to make you scream out
Louder, louder than the years can hold
Brighter, brighter than the years of old
Blacker, blacker than the kids we hold
Greater, greater than the ears we showed

[Chorus 2X]

Tell me, what would it take to make the rain disappear
Let the sun shine, illuminate ya mind
Tell me, what would it take to let ya mind roam free
So you can travel to a place, more melodic than this symphony
Far far away from the stress, just relax
I'm bout to purchase me a ticker, holla at ya when I'm back
No more promises that have to be broken
You hard headed, but I still left the door open
Hoping that you coming around, to stay around
I need you around, glad you arund, cuz you my happiness
Don't worry bout losing my time, I got ya back in this
I got ya back in this...

[Chorus to fade]