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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   Stress Ya Got (Whole Lot)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Long Axe]
Giving you parts of me, but most people don't see
Don't eat, don't sleep, I reach up in the beats
Most people don't speak, giving me jestures
And they be acting like niggas don't mess up
I know you better than ya daddy know ya momma
Came from your own home and dysindicated drama
Now it's baby mommas, gassed by they mommas
Bout 40, watching soaps, so she like mad dramas
All you wanna do is just provide for ya younging
Go outside wit ya younging, take a ride wit ya younging
But while you ain't around, she be telling them she hate you
Breaking into tears, I won't let ya daddy take you
Trying to replace you, brought a new dude around
In and out of the house, kicked him out, cuz he screwed around
Hanging up the phone, won't let us talk
A father's suppose to bond wit his son, it's yo fault

I got the same damn momma, with the same damn genes
Got the same damn drama, but the names might change
Got me, punching through walls, flipping over cars
Just trying to get a minute, with my daughter's getting hard
See, I bought her things and she didn't even get it
Momma in my face, expecting me to hit it
Ease back, I don't need that
Don't want a part two wit you, told you I'm through wit you
Trying to get me caught up, you gotta know
I can see right through, all the bullshit you bringing up
You ride around late not knowing when to pick her up
Then laughed and hugged, reminiscing now we catching up
Creating a bond, get rich, can't be broke
And yet she thought you had game, but see you only played the token
Remember all the stress in me, phone calls pressing me
Made it official, my baby's standing next to me
Be in love, and living comfortably

[Chorus 2X: Long Axe, Dragonfly]
How much time you spent? A whole lot, lot
How much love you got? A whole lot, lot
How much stress she bring? A whole lot, lot
And is it worth it, man? I know not, not

[Long Axe]
I know mad brothers in war wit baby mothers
Some threw the towel in, others still doubting
You made a child in hopes to be a fam
But now understand, love don't come, man
It's suppose to work, but shoot, she's wilding
And child support, I already spent a thousand
I got 'em shoes, formula and toys
Took 'em to my mother house, should of seen the joy
Girl, that's my boy and we rode together
I bought him Nike Air's, Timbo's for cold weather
And what's your malfunction, trying to get back at me
Messing wit his mind, our time, just let it be
He see the arguing and can't comprehend
Do it for our child, don't listen to you friends
They just hating, they wanna see a nigga aching

[Chorus 3X]