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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   Seen and Heard
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Long Axe]
I've seen and heard, I've heard and seen
I've touched and felt, the dirt, the clean
I've reached and missed, I've hugged and kissed
I've done so many things that I forget, I forget

[Long Axe]
I've seen, people win and get they grins wiped clean
I've seen, cops and robbers get blowned out they jeans
I've seen, babies crying cuz they didn't get fed
I've seen, life arise from the mentally dead
I've seen, some get fired while others get hired
I've seen, grandmothers working when they should of been retired
I've seen, a good girl be attracted to bad
I've seen, a bad brother giving all that he has
I've seen, schools fail giving up on the youth
I've seen, jails increase, young males in the loot
I've seen, people mourn, put they name on the wall
I've seen, a brother run, shot nothing in the mall
I've seen, people bug cuz they life ain't in order
I've seen, people drown cuz they fight in the water
I've seen, blood suckers do what? Suck brothers
I've seen, the ignorance of my own baby's mother
I've seen, my young son turn a crawl into walk
I've heard, my name develop from it's own baby talk

I've heard, the gunshots on the 4th of July
I've heard, them same bullets caused a brother to die
I've heard, that having sex is better without a glove, then
I've heard, the AIDS victims don't get no love
I've heard, a Begga ask, can you spare me some change?
Then run and by heroine, so he can pump in his veins
I've heard, a married man say he loved his spouse
Then I heard his spouse say, but ain't no food in the house
Man, I heard you getting paid and got plenty of play
Then I heard that you was broke on the very next day
I've heard, that reading books is lame and for the birds
Then today I heard my daughter say her very first words
I hear, my brain cells ignite, for face of doubt
Alarming my vocal chords, who dying to let it out
I've heard, the safe open on the phone at work
That's when I heard 'face down, and nobody gets hurt'
Shit, I heard some many stories of crime, and how it paid
Never played it no mind, that's why I'm here today
Now I've listened to many sounds that the keyboard play
And realized hip hop, is where I'm destined to stay, stay

[Chorus 2X]

[Long Axe]
I've heard, guns fire, and wonder who it hit
I've heard, somebody scream so I guess they didn't miss
I've heard, promises, A&R's couldn't keep
I've heard, your word is bond, so be watching what you speak
I've heard, cars skid into they crash into each other
I've heard, a drunk driver was the one that hit our brother
I've heard, crowds scream cuz you rocking the place
I've heard, get off the stage, man you should of seen they face
I've heard, the sound of music, when my mood was kinda low
I've heard, Coltrane, and felt, no pain
I've heard, politicians, they pray on the weak
I've heard, that King Cee is unique with the beats
I've heard, Black Lotus is headed to the top
Cuz I seen and heard, hip hop

My vision is 20/20, seem funny what it behold
I know a younging who 12, think he 50 years old
I've seen, so many brothers who claim they got game
I've seen, so many others throwing dirt on they name
I've seen, a mother tell his son, enough is enough
Then later on that day, he getting siezed in handcuffs
I've seen, my baby's mother just still, when giving birth
Said we always be together, be it better or worse
I've seen, a lady robbed for the cash in her purse
And I've seen, her wave a nine and watch the crowd dispurse
I've seen, some try to rhyme wit the style, it's often hard
But that was that, and this is now, while most of them fell off
I've seen, a plane crash wit my own two eyes
And why, there's no homage for the people who die
I've seen, the two best MC's who ever lived
And you hearing them now, asking yourself now
How in the world did they become so great
When you seen what you seen, man it was destined for fate, cuz

[Chorus 2X]