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Artist: Black Lotus f/ Jim Kelly
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   Remain Here
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Long Axe]
Feel the pulse, still repulsive, in the cause within the forces
Appearance is slow, but we quick, within the choices
One road is high, while the low road be sobering
The streets ain't loyal, watch it turn like a Doberman
Touched a few asses, skipped a few classes
Dropped a few passes, tipped a few glasses, huh?

[Jim Kelly]
I'm in the ghetto like Franklin, the Black Sinatra to blow
The weeble wobble, like the feeble, soon to throttle if so
The art against make 37, tender lightyears I caught
Resume the struggle, the game, I am the pitfall
The cypher and the langers of lies, the detector
The energy in me, sparking light, to touch the retina
Just the cause, the weapon, here's a towel for you player
All I'm telling is the Lotus be some classic rhyme sayers

[Long Axe]
Go tell with Jim Kel', it's alive and well
We know the obvious of pain, should be locked in a cell
Oh well, eyes swell over ideas, rushing
It ain't nothing to fear, we living up to our years
Oh yea, no respect, you better stop being playful
From the home where the chrome is a poem describing grateful
And it's hateful, long live the general and all the great
Sensible niggas, we great elegant figures

[Chorus 2X: Jim Kelly]
We going far away, but our bodies remain here
Two years of gun stay, but our visions remain clear
From open mics to compilations, powers of immaculation
Travel far away but our physical stays here

[Jim Kelly]
Through time I stumbled on some glitches, in life, refined
No big-up to the blunts, the cars, jars, to cook-up
No shout, to Slim extorting his own, who children look up
Two is the number, three will make it better
Even if we are together, black's still be forever
And if we pull together, America will be scared
And if we didn't pull together, they will still be scared
Cuz you learn about yourself, your past and teach the seeds
I see, brother N.F., Shaquan and Shaw G.

[Long Axe]
Begga to move ya from ya spot like a magnetic glock
Shoot the gift to all ya medeling niggas, figures
We trying to stop, but the green got the corner cams flashing
Plates, red dots on your face
Blow the steam, mountain dreams, trying to spring out
Slang so dusty, we coming out of seas, clean out
Retro, ghetto love, probably too kind
But the weakness is leaking from my own damn mind

[Jim Kelly]
Mystic rhythm and decision, my mission was popping Crys'
Until I realized, that spinning shit will break me in the mix
Some nights I think I have an ulcer, mental relaxation
Am I indy, it's full let's make it empty
My love for writing lyrics is like love for my wisdom
The things that I apply be knowledge and never quiz them
Just ask me, sorta classy, if you really wanna shine
We can walk amongst the stars, quazars are fine
Zoom, pass all, pass the crime, elevate the body follow
Be salo to the lies, that seem hollow, and seen tomorrow
No thanks, to the public defenders, hang with the free
No mention bout the killas and dealers around me

[Chorus 3X]