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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   If These Walls Could Talk
Typed by: Cno Evil

Looking at the walls, trying to teleport emotion
Focused in the corner, deep dark like the ocean
I used to stand there, stand there like a plant
And unaware there was a punishment for pain
Thinking how the pictures on the wall would start
And the noises in the dark when the walls would talk
They say

[Long Axe]
What's been going on, life keep flowing on
Walls is talking yeah a fetus when you rode on
But hold on, what you need in ya life
Money don't make everyday right, right
It only calms the monsters in ya stomach
Bring a little ass, bring ya gear to a summit
But if you don't respect yourself and your power
You're better off dead in the street in rush hour

Yeah, I understand, just trynna keep a righteous path
But what about the times I stay up until four
It's time to make a dollar, people buzzing at my door
Play my music loud, people beating on the floor
Vision a big apple, I be eating at the core
Trying to borrow from my neighbor, but his living is poor
Even got me a woman, tried to change the mood
But she was hungrier than me, and ate all my food

[Chorus: Long Axe, Dragonfly]
I said, if these walls can talk
They could tell you how far we've walked
They can tell you that life is grand
They can tell you that I'm fighting, man
If these walls could sing
They would tell you how life is mean
They would tell you how time is rough
They could tell you bout rhymes and stuff

Frustrated, trying to make it, got bills to pay
But everyday starts and ends the same way
Smiling at the world, trying to get motivated
Staring at a wino, on the corner, getting wasted
And he can taste it, devils are two faced
I lost my job and now I'm trying to replace it
These walls, they talk loud, so I listen in close
I rise all my visions, reinvent wise decisions
But, none to less, these thoughts, they run through me
Just staring at the ceiling, and that shit be talking to me

[Long Axe]
What you bump your head on, sound of depress
A black man's life is 80 percent stress
Member when you couldn't get rest and kept tossing
Turning up the radio, turning up the faucet
Talking to me like I had all the answers
Instead of getting out in the world, and taking chances
Now, now, I know I got a light
But that don't mean I'm here to make your shit right
I'm here to be a roof over your head
But instead, you talking to me, like I'm over your head, man...

[Chorus 2X]