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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   I Know
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Long Axe (Dragonfly)]
I know, I've been broke but I fixed my eyes
On the prize, I came close but I can't deny
I know, (how it is, when you strive to be the best
At the verge of being wealthy on the road to success)
I know, you can't wait too long
Because we all gotta get next door, to see the morning
I know, (that when the world comes calling on us
We'll be waiting at the gates, people following us)

[Long Axe]
It's like an exodus, running closer to myself
Leaving messages, came close but I can't deny
I'm a calm time bomb, go from knowledge to born
Situated in the area, where most don't plan
Too far from the morning, eyes on the door knob turning it slow
Clockwise so it's time for me to go
I got families waiting for the treasure
How many miles we gotta walk to make it better
Yeah, it's like a sad song
With these infinite tracks it's gon' last long

Aiyo, I'm feel what you saying, Axe, it's time to add on
With the plans, change of hands, let the jewelry form
Resurrect, redesign, every moment in time
Take advantage of the happiness, purify ya mind
Ideas be leaking out, with plans to make the greenery
Loosen up ya ears, get a feel for the scenary
And what it means to me, a treasure's in the making, hold tight
Buckle up, it's time to get the ground shaking


[Long Axe]
They say a house ain't a home without love and devotion
The house of traps, left scars in our emotions
People try to make the Lotus, wither away
But as a killer would stay, they ain't with us today
Don't underestimate things that's suppose to happen
I wasn't holding ya hands, I kept 'em clapping
For the creed is to be myself, and I
Got a need, that's to feed myself or die

How many times must they mention our names, huh
How many times must we wake our fame, huh
How many times do things gotta change
Before people understand, we never limit our range

[Long Axe]
I know I'm taking you off to a dark place
I know which way you can go when you lost face
Recooperate and never doubt this flow
Cuz I know, that you know

[Chorus 2X]