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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   Constantly Rising
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Long Axe]
The separation of thought, the voicecord in the hallway
Your business in streets, they overheard you and your shorty
And shortly, my son will be born, I'm still struggling
My heart is a house, it's a shame, we out bubbling
Til 7 A.M., I hear the word outside
The bums fighting with the rats, and mishaps, stay alive
Counting sunrises, for windows of pain
Nine to five from a Metro train, I see the strain
Cramped inside apartments, yawning, splitting the air
Had to eat standing up, or we'd be splitting the chair
My moms, got my vision in the frame of Shawd G.
Best daddy in the world, baby mother acting sloppy
Cuz like what you see, nobody ever could see
I see the house that I want, I just ain't got the fucking keys
And please, memories are as scared as a boxer
Had a picture of the Gods in my high school locker

[Chorus: Long Axe]
But for now, I'm currently striving
I'm on my way, son, your dad will be arriving
Just look out the window, you see me coming for ya
The same thing goes for my warrior

[Chorus: Dragonfly]
But for now, I'm currently striving
I'm on my way, girl, your dad will be arriving
Just look out the window, you see me coming for ya
The same thing applies to my daughter

Let me enhance, these circumstances I critique
Cuz many, they got plenty to say, but never speak
EZ Pass bleed, they pray for the weak, I can't envision
My self amongst the cipher of that, too much collision
I'm out to make a fame on gee state, my eyes bleed
Just thinking bout the hell and the mouths I got to feed
When in need, who can you trust besides the man that's in the mirror
Acknowledging foes, helps you see alot clearer
Cuz fools, they find company quick, surely progressing
With fucking with mines, can get you killed in this profession
Baby moms, always stressing the fact, she need money
Will forever use my seed as a tool, thinking it's funny
But those, who laugh last, laugh best, take it for granted
Baby fuck the Reebok, cuz this is has always been my planet
God damn it, if a plan to interfer, you'd understand it
Maybe daddy's coming home real soon, don't even sweat it
This world, I won't let it, embed it, in my skin
But just remember, I be there for you, boo, through thick and thin
And then, we'll be together, forever, just you and I
Black Lotus, we rock the world to three thou', I never lie

[Chorus: Dragonfly]

[Chorus: Long Axe]

[Long Axe]
Now to you, I send a blessing to you young one, up come
The undone fun, cuz in the future
Picture's of ice, froze time, winter flashlight, I know what you like
Smoking weed and cold rocking the mic
The upcoming, based on upbringing
The snakes who sting 'em, so I teach 'em bout poison
Royal symphonic, the ghetto is sorta, like starting a fight
You can just add water, or just add wisdom
Squash it out to wash it, tons of guns
Where police ain't watching, in fact crack
Ease 'em to the four food groups, since ya mind in a trip
And you will never recoup
I witnessed all of this, January to December
Summer to winter, but now just remember, remember

Have you ever wonder why, we so precise with our minds?
We hurdle through trials, and withstand the test of time
To glorify, the poor, and enlighten those who worthy
Strengthen the weak, on our babies, we have mercy
Seeing shaking on the block, for days, sipping the praise
For the minimum wage, get escorted to a cage
But my mind is advanced, too unique for these residuals
We bring the good things to life, without materials
I fast and praise Allah, I can see the day
Our babies grow up, and just sigh in a righteous way
So here's the true and living cuz the rhyme is kinda special
You feeling my vibe? Clap ya hands, then coincide
Through the message that we sending, the lies that we defending
Awaken your eyes and put a stop to this pretending
Circulate the wisdom, the worn, don't be a thorn
Let ya parent-child relation, escalate in jubilation
Provide accomidation, and the wealth is yours
Little boys do your chores, little girls keep it pure
And remember

[Chorus: Dragonfly]

[Chorus 2X: Long Axe]