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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   Basic Flow
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Long Axe]
Get up off of that basic flow
We got shit that ya'll asking for
Get up off of that tired ass sound
We got shit that bumps all through town

[Long Axe]
Does anybody know, where they sold blow
Slow motion indigo, flames from today's radio
The night musical, wind blows on the usual
Ladies unusual, go so beautiful
I stand 6'4", mean looking glasses
Force paint a movie on ya eyes like glasses
Flavor for the masses, pockets where the cash is
Save money slow, cuz we spending it the fastest
Strain over madness, young heroes aborting women
Sold they souls, big corporations bought 'em
I'm just spilling, what my mind accumilated
Revealing what 26 years in the making
The chances we be taking, life is so real
Probably fighting for a meal, when the hunger pains build
In the thunder cave fields, til ya hold to ya path
One sip of being drunk, ice melts in glass
Slow down, you moving too fast, hold it down
Like scrambling for cash, I got due dates
My life is like a bouquet, with lotuses and thorns
With terrible mistakes, but, hey, life moves on
And just when you thought you had it covered, damn
The asshole was drunk driving and took away our brother (Father Lord)
But now with the force, I can maintain
I was so looking forward that I drained fame
Overhear the black cloud, cuz I reign pain
They used to call me Long Axe, I got the same name in the
Dominant factor, universal splendor
I live in the city where it's always winter
People hot blooded, cold hearted, and they love it
The truth be undercover like my 2nd baby's mother
The brother folks wait on, just to put they cape on
Lotus from the bottom of the lake on, uptown
Stays on my mind, divine sees seventh sign
It's all mine, so how can you find time?

I wanna live lavish, no question, I can settle for middle class
Who's up for the cause, for multiplying the stash
I gotta, craving for cash, plus I'm planning to make it last
Today is enough, the stock market's to crash
But hold fast, I got another vendetta on my agenda
My advice to listen, focus and hold attention
My attention's for the fortune, cuz the fame is abrupt
Some niggas they like to flash, I like to lay in the cut
Cuz too much of anything, is everything with a price
If you for gambling life, suggest you load ya dice
And prepare for the coming of the new frontier
We got rhythm and sound to get down for every ear
Never said you were lost, that the coast was clear
I been real far what I'm near, we setting ya every fear
And I'm oh contrear, to even think or imagine
There's a nigga alive, style's sharper than a fashion
Alize Red Passion, liquor, is my escape
Ninety proof, read the label, symbolizing I'm great
The expiration date, it reads 'never throughout eternity'
Our praises to my new born seed, cuz she deserves to be
Pampered and tuck, black satin for her attire
The luxuries of life, our will for her desire
We dressed in silk, draped in sapphire
Destined as the wind, the wood, water and fire
I never was the one to sing along with the choir
Always stood out, known as a soul phonic sire
My entire empire strikes back, under attack
Versatile while they smile, talking shit behind my back
It's the God coming back with a whole new scheme
Black Lotus Clan member from the Beijing team

[Chorus 2X]

[Long Axe]
And fear not, listening to Gil-Scott
Winter in America, the summer only feel hot
Absorbing the culture through a straw and a cup
If two fingers equal peace, I'mma put seven up
Inside I erupt, so a brother almost choked
Spitting firery words, while others spit smoke
From the shear laughter and the near here after
Futuristic rhymes that you get a year after
I am not a crook cuz I stole a few books
Knowledge is freedom, so come and take a look
Put pleasure in the p word, summon you the p word
Echo in the grand, understand it's the reverb
My ear to the curb, just to hear who coming
Years but we lunging off the stage like we hunting
For your blood, something better hide ya cubs and clubs
We campaign, run a race around your brain
Stains leave clues, only pain make the news
I'mma keep my life right, it's the fame I can lose
Hip hop, baby, it's growing right in front of you
Water it, father it, it could be one of you
Passionate, lashing at the punks that be attacking it
Took time away, now we back in it, planting it
Showing up, man, time flies when you growing up
Growing up, everyday, some say, move away
Who are they to make calls, we stand firm
Turn of the century, twist ya head off
And now your body lost...

[Chorus to fade]