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Artist: Black Lotus
Album:  Lotus Notes: 1997-1999
Song:   18 to Party (Premix)
Typed by: Cno Evil

It was on a bright and sunny, yet, cold beloved day
When I first bestowed the world, in a, heavenly way
Proclaimed as being innocent, fresh, straight out the womb
What I thought would joy a song, might as well as been a tombstone
Upon my capture, I was instantly released
Abandoned by the love they call parents, it ain't peace
Well fought, upon the earth, not knowing my biological
Living the life, to most, will seem impossible
My heart was cold, lost and unfulfilling
Evil begot good, and good was unwilling
I hear, so many talk about hell and how they living in it
No disrespect to them, but I was born in it
And at the age of 5, there came along
A precious young couple, proud black and strong
They showed me, love, hugs, kisses and strange feelings
Sold by many others, but to them was unappealing
Now who would of thought, that I would be the one
To have a mother, a father, and out to be the son
One out of many, fortunate to have a chance
But most at 18, and they never get a glance

[Long Axe]
When I was 16, I thought I knew it all, and could do it all
Playing spin the bottle, I'm the top, trying to screw it off
Looking in my crystal ball, I see me fall
Flames from the militant games, went through the mall
Hanging out, hanging up, puppy love biting us
Fighting with the powers, and the forces inviting us
Here, take a puff, peer pressure is a must
Get close enough to toast, death four steps over
Crashing of the 21, wreckless emotions
Liquor store open up, sipping these potions
Mom very worried, weary, don't hear me
I'm all up in this music and can't see clearly
People want a college man, full of book knowledge, man
Dusting off bottles of wine, I need to polish in
I got knowledge in '91, straighten up
Started reading up, parliaments and peace God
Now I'm Universal, my life change drastic
Looking at they people, they life so backwards
We got gold under six feet of dirt
Young victims in coffins committed to the earth
An old ladies clinging to they purse like a grandchild
Robbed by a baby, with the heart of a manchild
I plan now, cuz tomorrow ain't promissed
Left crack and brokened by, pistol left smoken
At 25, got my son looking at me
Child support in court, I fought to be happy
Baby mother ran style on a brother
The shit I been through, I wouldn't wish on another
But that's me, and this is my life
Sometimes you gotta see hell to get right

[Chorus 2X: Dragonfly (Long Axe)]
You gotta be 18 to party, 21 to drink
25 we struggling, old enough to think
(30 years, you wishing you 17 again
At 45, you wanna start over again)

[Long Axe]
In this generation gap, some get swallowed up whole
And the rapture, forever a greater story never told
Where we hold this general chronicle
Stomping through ya brain for attention, like ya child made the honor roll
Mow to the shaped flag, wave it like a cape
My brother made it home, so I know he gon' be safe
Verses, out of my mouth, when I burst this
First this, victim seen him leaving, now he earthless
Purseless mother, at the hand of a mugger
Snatch the baby mother actress, jugular
Problems that translate, shit, I'mma win
Leaving sore losers from the whip of a pen
Anger in a bottle, make you tell all your business
Drunk as a skunk, now your body's in a funk
Daddy longlegs, all the heart in the middle
Can you hear the thunderground from deep underground?
Pushing up flowers in the form of you cowards
Speaking real low, cuz you know that you doubt us

Injected from the sun, fluxuated through the earth
The seventh month of the year, the sixth day, she gave birth
Exotic, anticipated, who is it, that you are?
Behold the beauty in the making, of a, heavenly star
By far, the greatest gift of choice, is to endouver
I've seen eternal life, find the love to you forever
And ever, and in whoever try to sever my pearl
No courts, a baby's mother can't withhold my baby girl
Through my eyes, I gave to her the world, and at it's best
Never look for something more, never settle for nothing less
Beware, those who contest, for no man, so you repress
Know the purpose of the earth, cuz it's you, Allah has blessed
Forget, your every thought for the moon, what it reflects
Man, woman and child, and the realm that it perfects
And sex, some say for pleasure, understand the consequence
Never have it til you ready, disease, it's all for petty
It's nature, it's like confetti, never care where it lands
Like a weapon from a murder being placed in your hands
I will stand and sacrifice my life, for you and ever
No matter if I die, we gon' always be together
And as long as we together, just orchestrate the weather
Rain, sleet and snow, sunshine, but just remember

[Chorus 4X]