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Artist: Black Jesus f/ Dre Eazy, Sha Mack
Album:  Gods of War
Song:   Step Ya Game Up
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Chorus) Dre Eazy X4
Get your game up
Get your weight up
Get your cake up

[Black Jesus]
I hold the weight of the planet Earth all on my shoulder
For the fact I've stepped my game up and pocket's swollen
I'm not the chosen but they've chose me and it wasn't my demo
Know yo, listen to this and that man in the middle
I earn my stripes amongst the best of Hip-Hop and gave me the name
I did my thing with Gang Starr and put Guru to shame
Then the RZA came to make it worst and taught me the business
If you can't sell yourself homes then buddy you're finished
Diminish this as quick as that before you learn how to rap
Learn how to read thoughts that boat ain't turning back
A closed mouth don't get fed, without debit account
Put eggs before they asked us if it crack then that's your head
I break your legs; make you go through it for killing the music
Relax I'm saving us back, they knew when I swooped in

(Chorus) Dre Eazy X4

[Sha Mack]
Sha Mack is back, blocks is move
I've been in the cut, Chopped & Screwed
Better step your game up, my glocks is new
Won't be long 'fore them shots at you
My paper been up, but I want '07 money
Just came home and got '07 honey's
You know me reef out to eat, fresh on the streets
And your man just came home on work release
All my crisp fam I murk the beats
Put the Earth to defeat
No stepping me, it ain't worth defeat
My name been ringing bells
At the same time that thing been ringing shells
Son you're first class to hell
Step it up

(Chorus) Dre Eazy X4

[Black Jesus]
I got a heart pure gold, yeah I piece on shit
But if you front I spread that love and empty the clip
Ain't that a bitch? But its gon' happen they gon' hate on the brother
Sometimes it's just your own kin that's plotting to touch ya
That's why we stick to strict rules and never lose integrity
By saying that your word is bond is your life that it better be

[Sha Mack]
The best thing about it... you know my weight is up
And I'm back doing me, niggas hate is up
Its Sha Mack the Great; what up?
You can catch me in the truck counting money getting payment cuts
It's a small thing to a king, pawns is watching
We're doing big things that's on and popping

(Chorus) Dre Eazy X4