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Artist: Black Jesus f/ SC-4:30, Sparks
Album:  Gods of War
Song:   Northern Alliance
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Chorus) X2
The street's the good
The block, the strip
Mieta kings, the Blood, the Crips
Whatever's the set, bounce to this
Homey's in jail working out bang out to this

I don't care where from or what you got
I'm the silent one, quick to duff you in your mouth
You take it to the South and get crunk if you want
I do it for the North and the thugs in the joint
Straight to the point and actually throw switsy's
You became gangsta when you heard of 50?
A little bit of M.O.P. a lot of pop
All that weed shit, yo ass gets dropped
I'm rising to the top, always popping in the streets
Week after week, guaranteeing that heat
You listen when I speak, pay attention in class
You bad? I'll fuck around and smack your ass
Faster then a left swung by Roy Jones
My tone is grown and I spit to break bones
I told you from the gate, mothafuck who you are
Ain't no way in the world your ass gon' be a star

(Chorus) X2

Go head and act up, like I ain't got woods in car
Ten niggas start dropping like the New Years ball
My team Guerillas, bunch of apes
Yeah I got more warriors then gold and estate
Y'all don't really want no problem
Make your block look like there's a parade in Harlem
'Cause niggas talk greasy once they smoke them blunts
Plus these hallow substitute their teeth or fronts
YEAH! Y'all dudes must be gassed?
'Til I run up on you set with the Hockey mask
And let that thing clap like a stripper's ass
The AK shatter your bones like Plexiglas
SSSHHH! No snitching allowed
All I wanna here is *click* *click* *blaow*
I air niggas out, y'all kill clouds
You don't wanna aim the stainless
You know heavy metal makes you famous
Yep you niggas don't want no beef
Or some U N I T Y like Queen Latifa
'Cause my bullet's bite men like strayed dogs on the streets

(Chorus) X2

[Black Jesus]
Whether Blood or Cuz, God or King
We'll bang out without a doubt, it's like a bing
Make you sing and scream, see you on the gate
Cut his face and put a fagot in his place
It's a race to the top and these cowards ain't playing fair
We'll shoot you in your back and leave you in that wheelchair
It's the lease that'll do, 'cause death is too good
Now you can't fuck no more from being too hood
What you should do is stop posting on the strip
Get a grip and stop acting like a bitch
Come switch when you walk, ain't no King in New York
Just the principle of all thieves who broke the double Central Park
We pop them corpses and spill their blood
Enrich your thoughts and send you ready to bub
Or should I say below 'cause Heaven ain't Heaven
Yo we recycle all your doe; you need it where you're going to