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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Running On Air
Song:   Never Land (Skit)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You might think that there's as many
As many kind of people in this world
But there's only two kinds, the buyers, and the ones who get bought
No, there's another kind, it's kind, it's a kind that don't belong in a place at all
There's a kind of bird that don't have any legs or cant land on nothing
That had to spend it's whole life on its wings in the air
I seen one once
Had its wings spread out that wide and you could see right through em
I swore hawks don't catch em, cuz they don't see em
They don't see him way up in that high blue sky, in the sun

'What about the grey weather?'
'Well, they fly so high that the hawks would get dizzy'
See these little birds don't have no legs at all
So they have to live their whole life in the wind
And they sleep on the wind
That's what they do is, is spread their wings out, and go to sleep on the wind