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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Running On Air
Song:   Caught at the Pub (Skit)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Two pints thanks mate... Cheers

So anyway... Umm
How does it go again man?

Starts on a little house
And then literally the, the government are tryina
Knock down this bastards house to build a, you know
Super freeway through it


He hasn't been payin his bills and that
He's a bit late on em, So what
And, While that happens - While they're tryin to do that

His mate, that he thought was a bit strange
But has always been from another galaxy (haha yeah)
Comes and goes
Oi bro, forget this shit - The world's about to fuckin blow up bro
We need to get the fuck outta here

I know this alien race that's comin
And they're gonna blow the whole fuckin thing up


Now let's hitch-hike, I got this little ring on
And we'll get together and go
And this cunts goin
Whatya talkin about man I'm tryin to save my home

And the guy, who's an alien, who's tryin to fuckin tell him let's go
Is Mos Def


Oh dude he's so good man
It's such a classic film man

Are you serious?

It's one of the best thing's I've ever seen bro

What the f*ck?

Like seriously man,

I can't believe I've never heard of this

I'm not fuckin with you at all

That's so, It's a trippy movie huh?

Yeah of course it is bro! It's an LSD trip bro!
Oh dude it's fuckin, it's hilarious

So man when was this written?

Oh the book was probably done... 1969


Then the movie, yeah the movie was just done now
But cause they, yeah because they needed the ummm

Big budget

They needed the technology mate, cause you can't do a movie like that, you know what I mean?


And so, he get's him up in this spaceship
BOOM! the fuckin world blows up

And he's off, and he's goin, And Mos Def is sayin to him
Mate I'm sorry to tell you this, but
Your on a spaceship that we've just hitch-hiked on
And the, your whole world has just blown up

What the fuck...

Yeah... It's fuckin heavy
Ahaha Oh fuckin imagine if everythin blew up

Fuckin oath

And you were up there...

That's nuts

Alright what've we got now?