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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Flying Colours
Song:   The Dark Tower *
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

* Deluxe Edition bonus track


[In a weird voice]

I would like to talk to you tonight
You see I am a guide from another galaxy in time
And if you sprinkle what I give you over your golden eyes
Then you will lift up and rise above, and fly the night sky

I grew wings, yo' I grew wings within a matter of minutes
The rainbow feathered mad hatter of lyrics
Trying to find freedom and manage a buisiness
Serching for sunlight, trapped in a blizzard
It's like dungens and dragons with emcee esher eyes
Dance in my dust storm, rent free enterprise
So let my emphasise the fact
That I'm a jet lee chess piece bending rhymes back
To there original position
So every track is an imperial dominion
I kick flip words in a cancun cottage
And ride my flying fox over a bamboo forrest
Now that's enjoying the high
Straight from the mouth of a boy who can fly
You can't hold me back or these housing tenements
Cause were ready and heavy like a thousand elephants
So welcome everybody to my caravan of courage
The aussie jack sparrow, not a parrot talking rubbish
On my way back from the degabah system
Writing rhymes to my heavy hearts rhythm
Listen and chase