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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Flowers in the Pavement
Song:   This Is For You (Remix)
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Checkin' it out
Yo people always come up to me
and like "man I want some pushing and shit"
I wanna hear about you, where you from, where you been
So I say...

[Verse 1: Bliss]
I sprouted in the spring of '80, sail the seas from
A thrid world home shipwrecked in Indonesia
Drifted to Virginia, got the cargo like an historian
Taking it back without Donnie Darko in the delorean
Learned beatboxing mimicing BGC
You remember the titans but I never did CTC
Just public elementary to the PTA college, straight noise
NWA tapes hidden under beds before Playboys
'92 went Down Under I'm like E.T.
Cos no one spoke this language except some dude at the BE
See we found a bond, it was just an excuse to cut us off
But you damn right, the only two dudes rapping at the bus stop
And even though we fronted we still grew to what was right
Using a busted boombox and half a headphone as a mic
We all got different roots so we all bust so differently
I'm proud now I'm a conducter of my own modern symphony

[Hook: Bliss] {X2}
This is for you, you're the reason I wrote this
You're the reason I stand in the rain and get my clothes wet
Oh it's just another taste from the bottle
Oh it's Bliss N Eso's page from the novel

[Verse 2: Bliss]
We do this music, I can see complete views
of who I am, where I stand my feet feels sweet dude
But I never grew up on sugar and here man the stage is earth
So fuck taking my history as a fact to the guage my worth
We birth a child un-aided 
growing flowers in the pavement so to renew the fallen faded
Feel this essence I'm calling way through the faces of solemn shaded
But no one can find it, it's my precious like Golem stated
I'm lost with my Walkman switched to pill tracks 
Bewildered so I predict the forecast
I see gulls and yellow browns fall upon the ashfault
I drive a street sleeper like a bee keeper protecting his last foes
That contains the essence I found
It's the heat that we bless in the sound 
Kids with funny chuckles try'na suckle huckleberry 
your necks with players chains, trying games so it yields acceptance
And it's the same spark within the childs fusebox
That lights the way then my crew flocks
These sticks and stones will never trip these clones
So we just nit these poems to clothe and fit these homes
of the needy, indelible graffiti sokes in
Then gets buffed the next day, no emotions have hold in
If you're thirsty there's a well just where you live
But come with an open mind, bring your cup but not a CIF

[Hook: Bliss] {X2}

[Verse 3: Eso]
You see the meaning of life is like that book you read
Where the chapter is missing (chapter is missing)
While the future is ours to manifest as we wish
But you can't change the past cos the apples been bitten
You see in January I woke to a bed full of roses
And Febuary wouldn't exist without her closeness
Suppose its just March's way on how to start the day
Let my soul spill and fill half the lake
Her harmony's the only thing that can make me behave
hoping next month grows wings and takes me away
If you could at least see me dancing on my notepad
Oblivious of the things I don't have cos
music is everywhere, music is life
To the rythm of the tap drip music is mine
Music is yours, and you can feel it on tours
from trains to bus rides, down south to up north
May the force be with you see this with three fistfulls
of poetry with power, life I know its in the flowers
It's magic when my minds in orbit 
From here to the end of the year, through July and August
See as a youngin' hip hop made me want the worlds riches
It even had me out there calling girls bitches (bitch!)
But when I found my sign as a mountain goat
Alone in my zone I built a house of hope
To sustain the weather in September had some leverage for November
and the note I gave December when I met her
From invisible cloaks, crossbows and catapults
To questions and answers to the problems that we haven't solved
I sit and dwell and soak up nearly half the curve
With a bottle for tomorrow as I laugh and burp
That's me on top of the hill with a heart of dirt
on a high in the sky with the stars and birds

[Hook: Eso and Bliss] {X3}

Oh it's just another taste from the bottle
And I hope this feeling stays till tomorrow