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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Day of the Dog
Song:   Them Boys
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[Verse One: Eso]
It's those underground cats, who know the skills
Who drove miles to a show just to know who's real
Who's flows are ill, who's flows can still
blow the roof off this bitch, drunk, stoned or chilled
See these kids now days think if you're rapping you're well paid
When they knew nothing I was dropping acid in L.A. 
But I'm an Aussie like Commodore's and Falcons  
A head-fuck compared to another boring album
So if you're used to a prison
I know a crew who can kick it
They touch down that rough sound without using their fingers
What we do is religious, what you do is a business
You got chicks in your clips but they're usually mingers 
Thats Right, the life of a cave man
The dirty dog barking, who writes in the basement bro 
My crews unique, after this you'll remember me
We lift kids lids with a fix you could never dream

[Bridge: Bliss]
Oh shit you heard them boys
Raising hell, and making that noise
It goes stand up, hands up, right in the middle 
I said hands up, stand up, it's live and official 
Oh shit you heard them boys
No shit they bringing that noise

Put em' up, middle fingers to the system 
Cook It Up...