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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Day of the Dog
Song:   Nowhere But Up
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[Verse 1: Bliss]
We ain't from life in the gutter, so they don't feel our stuff
What you like to be stubborn? What we ain't real enough?
'Cause we white from the suburbs and we write from a brother's
raw and uncut emotion, blazin' a mic in the cupboard
You motherfuckers make me laugh with that ridiculous shit
Who brings it like Nick-ity-split, as wicked as Bliss
See these ballers see a white boy, start kiddin' and laugh
But I'm like Billy Hoyle hustlin' Sidney for the cash
And you just talkin' loud, you an imposter clown
Where'd you pick your style up? The fuckin' lost and found?
Gosh it sounds like you washed it down
and sprinkled it with sugar just to get your little career off the ground
They can't stand to watch it, next to us rock it
You look like Randy Watson with sexual chocolate
(and we) bet you would cop this perpetual hot shit
Now you MC's can't blow with this testical chop bitch
Two hands on the mic straight bustin' this ammo
Crossing the kings is like fucking with Pando
Throwing rocks at our house won't crack the glass soldier
We make one hell of a racket so we smacking back boulders
"Hey yo Bliss, you heard what the message board said?"
No but I will knock you out, put my nuts on your forehead
Take a pic and post it up when you noticed these three lads
Shit, cos what's words when you was served the Bliss teabag

They love and hate me, need me, leave me
But I can't stay away
I gave you pieces of my heart and you just threw them away
So now's the time to tell them all that I just don't give a fuck
No matter what they throw at us we're going nowhere but up

[Verse 2: Eso]
Ok, this is the moment of truth
Are you a taurus to the art or is your home in the booth
See this is my house, I rhyme for the cause
Bend spoons with my crew and cut diamons with thoughts
Then hoon down hills with wheel barrows for laughs
I'm Robbin Hood on this mic splitting arrows in half
And they know brick by brick I built this house
cos only shit like this can show me out
But when I bust my free's I'm psychotic when I rock it
When I'm on the streets I got narcotics in my pocket
When I bomb the beat bro you cop it like a *dropkick* to the face
from the kid in the cockpit gettin' blazed
It's still B.E.I. and you can trust me bro
I still sailing the seas in a rusty boat
I'm still heat on this mic when I bust my flow
I still chill with Jane the biggest slut I know
The slave that will serve the king
with a crew this tight like virgin minge
And in a dark world I use my rhyming as a light
Bliss N Eso is back, I'm Bruce Almighty on this mic