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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Circus in the Sky
Song:   Sunshine
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You gotta love it, you gotta love that sunshine
Sunshine in their faces, sunshine in their faces

I bet they never thought I'd come round like this
They know better now, don't doubt my shit
God knows what I'm bout to spit
This is real, that's counterfeit
Caterpiller, butterfly, alpha wolf
Welcome to my house of blues, where mountains move
and there ain't no tellin what I'm bout to do
It's V For Vendetta, me and this beat go together
like the sheep to each shepherd, like a cheif with his feathers
I'ma be strong, I reckon I'm burnin refer in heaven
I'm so unique with my methods that I'm too deep to be measured

Get up, get down, I'm doin it again
Big Macka, you know what it is
I float for the kids, they float to the beat
I rep one love, they don't give a shit
I'm a bad baby, I bought the crib
Let's flip that crown when I make the track
I'm so provocative, I hit your town like a razorback
Fade to black, face the facts, Macka makes him proud
When that fat bitch sings, yo, I gaffitate the mouth
These rappers shake the ground when flying where the light lives
So one time for that sunshine that rises in your eyelids, priceless

Sunshine in their faces, sunshine in their faces
Sunshine in their faces, sunshine in their faces

I have arrived, unorthodox, bending all the rules
I get the reaction of Jackson when Marsalis told him
he's sending in the wolf (that's all you to say?)
But I'm back at the speed that an arrow goes
from a Navajo, shootin out from under my clavicle
The free radical is in your system, magical
like you just went down that rabbit hole
Not an average joe, in fact could pull a Full House
like Charlie Babbit bros (Bob Saget knows)
I make it Rainman, the way I make my point
try to reach my goals
And I live in the deep south
but I still make the food that can feed my soul
Yup, oh yes, I've conjured it, to spread and pollinate continents
I'm feelin marvelous, so martialist
I target it, I conquer it
Now, I looked up at a golden sky, electric filled and it opened wide
Rays of sun started beamin down and the clock stood still in frozen time
A steadily, heavily, energy, enemy and I begin to soar in flight
So when it's night I project these poems you can see my work in the northern lights


So I just stand on this island
and watch the sun kiss the world's face
expanding horizons with the

Sunshine in their faces, sunshine in their faces
Sunshine in their faces, sunshine in their faces