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Artist: Bliss N Eso f/ 360, Drapht, Pez, Seth Sentry
Album:  Circus in the Sky
Song:   Reservoir Dogs
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]

[Bliss & Eso (back and forth)]
Hey yo Macka, how you feeling today?
I feel unified mate
Shit I'm feeling the same
This is paradise so enjoy the weather
A perfect time to get the boys together
We need old school, new school pioneers
Who can flip that shit like primal fear
Suns up, man I'm calling the lads
One love, that's twelve balls in a bag

Yo, my crews on some bullshit
And I ain't talking about a poo that a bull did
I'm talking about what sets the bar
BnE, Seth, 60, Pez and Drapht

He said 'set's the bar' that'll blow like Escobar
Six dogs out the reservoir
Let's play connect the stars
And paint a circus in the sky yep Pez can start

Now we thought this crew should pull out
Something a little unusual
Sounds a bit like a musical
But doesn't matter we make any type of music cool

Yeah, uh, when I heard the word foot path
I just thought it meant it was a foot large (damn)
But then I walked on a foot path
And I had a look and I swear it was a good yard

Rule of thumb
Never been the one to open up a can of worms
Never underestimate
Cause some say we the best today like Miranda Kerr
Hi Seth

[Seth Sentry]
News flash alert
Something stirred underground where the rappers lurk
In a cloud of weed smoke with a handful of Cheetos
I'm in Beast mode you better enter a cheat code

Now check it out look who's up in the mix
You can dream but you ain't seen nothing like this
This place is off charts like I'm waiting for a mate
So just give me the mic so I can take it away

[Verse 2]

I'm like Outkast mixed with Southpark
And my rhyming flow is like dynamos
So when I bust on the beat
I'm rude like Cube yelling 'Fuck the police'
Raise em up
It's like all your Christmas' came at once
Yes, we're too much for these rookies
Seth, let's knock the dust off their pussies

[Seth Sentry]
Man I feel awesome, nah I mean awful
Yeah I'm pretty sure I put on weight since Autumn
Pass me the pork roll I don't really walk anymore
Ever since I invented a gun that shoots portals
Yeah my bodies gone bad
Trying to get myself a Hollywood tan
Me and Drapht went to Bali for a holiday man
I must've put the weed in someone else's body board bag, fuck

Leader from the get go
Yes, I believed it even when they said no
Yeah it feels like half of your thoughts
Follow your heart, that's par for the course
Of course it ain't easy
I can tell you that first hand but it's all good
Look at us, studying the fundamentals
Back when we were young and now we're up here on another level


[Verse 3]

This sounding like some Austin Powers shit
Someone gotta tell 60
This ain't the 60's, this ain't the same mix
Bag of lollies that ain't the same Frisbee
Interesting, yes I guess I can adjust, I guess it just means
That we gotta do it different
Good, and I'm glad cos the records are wrecking my discman

When I heard the beat on I said turn it off
Thought it was the theme song from Circus Oz, (turn it off)
I'm being serious, I don't give a fuck
How I turning the sample and switch up the drums
Now I got the sick drum move
Walking round the city in my pink gum boots
If a hater wanna talk like '6, fuck you'
I'll tell my bodyguard "Smash this cunt too"

Last shot of the six shot revolver
Tree swinging in on a big fucking Cobra
Shit cunts it's over with my honourable brethren
It's destined, Mr. Orange done stepped in
The card shark the way I play in the car park
Doing doughies, spin a rapper out like Nadwuar
And Izm here's a line to scratch, hey

[Izm scratches]
'Ain't nobody got time for that'

Good god look who's up in the mix
You can dream but you ain't seen nothing like this
So there goes the neighbourhood, get elevated with us
It's like UNITY it's a celebration bitches good god