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Artist: Bliss N Eso
Album:  Circus in the Sky
Song:   Home Is Where the Heart Is
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Bliss]
I feel the morning sun, walking to the bus stop
I got my backpack, books and my lunch-box
Let's travel back, so you can capture that
Old school image like an Ansel Adam's Hasselblad

I was on the 208, passing Castlecrag
Headphones pumping, listening to classic rap
Rocked up at school, yeah I was the misfit
Cause I had an accent, bullied by some bitch kids

But this one dude, Max, he was a friend of me
We bonded over Cube, Eddie Murphey and Public Enemy
Reciting lines, we rap and laugh in a free state
Rolling with our handicap mates, so we can be late to class

Shout out debates, we couldn't hear one teach
In the back, sharing an ear-bud each
Just waiting for lunch, when it was B-ball galore
And back then, I swear we were gonna be pro for sure

After school, I went to JP's fortress
He made beats, and that's where me and Macka recorded
See and I could given him my first beat machine to rock right
Cause we couldn't figure it out, like 'What the fuck is quantise? '

Then Tarik came over for the first time
Blowing us away, we cussed to compliment the verse rhyme
Like the missing piece, seeing him perform
And that's the night baby BNE was born, what a day!

[Izm Break: x4]
'Home is where the heart is, so Hip-Hop is right here... '

[Hook: x2]
Going down the road, that I know is my home
It's alright
It's okay, yeah

[Verse 2: Eso]
(Yeah, yo, yo, yeah...)

I awake feeling great while my queen's asleep
My best-friend and love is what she means to me
She pulls pranks when I least expect it
Try'na make me laugh while I'm eating breakfast

Wife-beater on, throwin' out the garbage
Realising that home is where the heart is
Take the dogs for a run in the park
A sneaky billy then we jump in the car

Check the fuel, I hope we got some
Let my baby drive, rapper's ride shotgun
Then we play fight, when we choose songs
Then we compromise, and throw a groove on

Where we go next, built another chapter
As long as we're together then it really doesn't matter, cause
We're two lovers on an open road
Where we're going brother, no-one knows

We connect, and make the world stop
I'm only half here, if my girl's not
Cruisin', hearing barks from the back
Freestyling while she laughs at my raps

We're a team, it's a dream and I'm loving it
They're only jealous cause they know can't fuck with it
It's the simple things that make the world spin
From my dogs, to my job, to my girlfriend!

[Izm Break x4]

[Hook x2]