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Artist: Bleu Da Vinci f/ Fabolous, Young Jeezy
Album:  B.M.F Mixtape Vol. 1
Song:   Streets On Lock
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[Bler Da Vinci]
(Loso wat up baby snow man lets get it)

look at me now baby, it's a beautiful thing (yea yea)
we gettin alot of money over here (it's alot of money nigga)
alot of cars parked outside to you see me nigga
ladies like me to alot of bitches love me

you know me I get my funny style thing on
100 thou bling on money Yao Ming long I'm doing arenas
20 thousand long with a funny smile
that ya honey child cling on
I pull up like the diaper brand in a brown G.T
with the cream leather seats but the pipe with stands
I might dig a model or even pipe a singer
I move dude just as smooth as a sniper finger
and I blow money cause I know money
come thru like a storm and make it snow money
I was on the road gettin 20 for blow money
now I'm on  the road gettin 20 a show money
same shit different toilet
I'ma four-five-aholic a semi-automatic addict
I'll turn a well known face into a John Doe
Do it like the russians when they caught up with Lonzo

[Chorus: Fabolous] + (Bleu Da Vinci)
I got the streets on lock cuz heats on cock cuz cuz
(cause you know we got cake to get)
I got packs on tha block like stack in my sock like like
(and my niggas can't wait to flip)
And the girls wanna holla now some wanna follow now now
(its crazy how they chase the kid)
Necklace gliss look check this wrist look look
(and you niggas ain't taking shit)

[Bleu Da Vinci]
you know me 1.3 for the neck wear
about another 500 for the wrist band they
want us to catch a case get us up outta here
cause the ????? chickens is hatchin right here
and you know this my word all my life here
these niggas gettin this money ain't goin nowhere
you see the shade of the 6 luey day grey
same color as the jeep and I be gettin that doe
gotta make bread keep that flip this make the cake spread
and they say we gettin big now
niggas wanna stop and holla at the kid now
cause the jewels gettin stupin in the light
and the maybach on 22s his angel wings white
all of a sudden bitches right we got the streets on lock like like


[Young Jeezy]
you know me yea I get my B.M.F on 4.5s
the weapon better wear ya teflon we call it chicken and noodles
point blank range left chicken and noodles
and you aint talkin bout nothin not a damn thing
I'm a boss I got truce like the magazine chopper on deck xtra magazine
and erday I see FEDS like the magazine
I told him look in the Source
got to record deals thats y I'm drivin this Porsche
call me the phantom when I'm in the bentley coupe
ya boy gets coast like he huggin ???? suicide its a suicide
whole click wearin black like somebody died
but the only one dying is you
we got the streets on lock what you tryna do