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Artist: Bless 1
Album:  Starving Artist
Song:   Never Give Up
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Verse 1:

Enter the gutter, where the shields are suited in armor
Kevlar vest on pigs where the rudest are honored
Foul thoughts are harbored and they sail through the air
Strong arming the atmosphere with the smell of despair
Up north, gays be blowing whistles at their festivals
Out west, felons be tucking pistols by their testicles
In less than thirty seconds you cop in dirty vestibules
Get your brains fried like oily vegetables
There can't be nothing worse than these cops
Who curse and they stop you when you riding luxury drops
I know God's plan's concealed from eyes of man
I just wanna know what lies in my hand
Meanwhile I'm bobbing through these streets, tap dancing around strays
Baby momma, hellish days, easier just to pay
I feel I'm shackled to hurt 'til I tackle the dirt
Feeling more alone than a Black bastard at birth,  C'mon

Chorus 2x:

Record the scenes when I walk on the streets 
Then tweak it when I talk on the beats, we just a small piece
Of this mighty universe, but we all seem to struggle against it
Trying to make things fit when 
Harmony happens when destiny's fulfilled
Absorbing the water whenever wisdom is spilled
Walking the right path even if it's uphill
And never give up
Never ever ever ever give up

Verse 2:

It seems like only yesterday I was riding bikes
Popping wheelies, lips sticky from Italian ice
Ghetto child in the city where the wind's strong 
And men roam with their alligator skins on
I see my guys sitting deep on the bench, my teeth clench
At times it's hard to breath in the trench
Staring at Black faces through clouds of smoke
Medallion ropes replaced with names around they throats
Written in cursive lettering
Inscribing names of their children dark enough to contrast the melanin
Some reproduce to escape death
So I birth seeds through verbal intercourse like Rae the Chef
Life's decisions got me stuck like a bayonet
Search the Bible for similarities to my daily tests
I use to scream in the midnight hours 
Now I dream, realizing that the sunlight's ours
I'ma claim it

Chorus 2x