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Artist: Bless 1
Album:  Starving Artist
Song:   Angular Slang II
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Verse 1:

Utter million dollar phrases, praises to the most
A million blessings prayed for those who gave up the ghost
Men battle for glory, possess a peculiar story
Emerge out of the fog like there was none before me
Words accumulate like snow crystals, genuine textured lectures
Crack skulls, leave hairline fractures
Burst out of my mothers matrix, faced hatred
Reciprocated back in the form of brash statements
Ravenous leopards cower at the sight of me
My birthrights dominion, no creeping thing can frighten me
An artist unequipped with drawing skills 
My pen stroke's polychromatic, I toss magic
Views intrude on you unexpectedly
Like home invasions or a random fired bullets trajectory
Exit unseen without a sketch of me
Connect with the weaponry I brandish and start respecting me
It's that Angular...

Verse 2

Emphatically I recite these biographical peeks into my psyche
Seeking victory like the goddess Nike
Choking the American dream until my hands are permanent green
Stained with the governments ink
Country debating slicing my likeness in rock formations
Born in a nation where hesitation is penalized
Realized that my gift is to craft narratives
Unspeakable joy once the speech is deployed
Navigator of envoys where women are coy
If your paper's obese and you're whipping the newest toy
An unsigned Titan cladded with war armor
Clashing with the gods while they're slumbering in pajamas
Now my name's synonymous with trauma
I died, went to heaven, and came back as karma
Promised myself that I'd finally record an album
And give it to the world before that forsaken time comes
The Angular...