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Artist: Bloods & Crips
Album:  Bangin' On Wax
Song:   Puttin' in Work
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I'm holdin' my 9
Fillin' the clip with Teflon Tips, so
When I pull the trigger
It's penetratin' shit
I grab my gat and pull the trigger of the 9
Shoot you in the head, it's gonna blow your fuckin' mind
I'm peelin' caps like monkey peels banana
A killer for hire
Just like ??
Or spits up
Slobs be flamin' but my 9 is quicker
I'm crippin' for life so Slobs I'm gonna get ya
Uh, I'm bendin' corners, rollin' rowds in this cut
Drinkin' hurt and jerk
Smokin' on the blunt
Burnin' down, crippin' ain't easy yo itís stereo
Watch slow, here I go, Slobs yellin': HIT THE FLOOR!
But it's too late cause I'm smokin' on some shit
Poppin' the trigger quick
And poppin' another clip
Poppin' the trigger quick
And poppin' another clip, it's that ?? gas
The fuckers bendin' corners again
Turn up the sound - feelin'
Act from the killin' bitch to park it
As I flee from the scene jump into my ride
And go through Martin Luther King till my nigga Sin
For him I'm all in

" ... muthafuckin' bullet
  I got your back
  Goddamn right Cuz
  You don't hear me though
  Fuck all y'all Slobs
  Puttin' in much work "

I'm deliverin' real in every form and characteristic
Layin' Slobs in their muthafuckin' casket
Puttin' in work cause my mind's gone
Lookin' on my chrome to blow for Slobs gone
And watch him bleed cause I careless
I don't give a fuck
I put you more in this chest
So beware of the nigga named Blue Rag
A crazy-ass Crip with a 4-4 Mag
So watch out cause I'ma get you too
Another Slob bites the dust, fool!
Put my pen through the paper
I'm holdin' Crip caper
To kill me a Slob
Mentally or taper
But if you want to go further than that
I get physical
And peel your muthafuckin' cap back
I give a fuck I want my sign throw
Just to let you know
For your muthafuckin' info
Trick-ass nigga
Remove the dread
You live a life longer
And one in the ?bed? (smoke him)
Cause I'm a trigga happy Crip straight Slobs killin' expert
Puttin' in much work

" Puttin' in work for the muthafuckin' Slob-ass niggas
  Goddamn right
  You know I'm sayin'
  Nigga Sin...
  Hurtin' and all that... muthafuckers
  Doin' dirt like that you know I'm sayin' nigga
  This is Crips, ahaha "

My nigga Sin got shot so I jumped in my '4
Swoop around the corner then I'm aimin' for the window
I saw a shadow
The rival not the wrong one
It doesn't matter
So I just can smoke a Slob one
I heard the fingers, Slob's momas started runnin' out
I'm vibratin' cause my bullet keep comin' out
Puttin' in work a nigga said by jar
While I'm trippin' and sendin' Slobs to the morgue (ahaha)
Elm Street
Just got picked off
Dued to the fact that caine game got ticked off
I told the Slob I was out to get
So I pause for a minute to reload the clip (Oh yeah Loc)
I pump the few right there in his ass
But then I dumped down
And told Crip it's the hit the gas
Back to the hood that's where I hide out
Cause I'm the original, only snoops just died out
You never know what a nigga is burnin' for
Let's know what a nigga is gunnin' for
Find a Slob and it's deleted (delete his ass)
I put in work so my day is complete

" Aw goddamn right we gon' puts' in muthafuckin' work
  Snoop-ass Avenues Pirus
  A-P-B bullshit
  All you muthafuckin' Crenshaw Maggots
  Inglewood Faggots
  Fuck all you Slob-ass niggas "

Another night on a mission
Dumpin' the barrel, dumpin' the high
Dumpin' the bucks that I'm dishin'
I see y'all nigga from the other side (kill his ass)
Hold up my gun
And aim for his fuckin' eyes
And when I'm gone
I'm drinkin' on some liquor
Fast ?? to take Slobs only get killed quicker

Fruitfully speakin' Blue Rag straight shit
To kill me a Slob
This muthafuckin' weekend (say why!)
Cause I'm a Crip
A Crip for life, G
Pleadin' guilty
To charges of insanity
I'm goin' crazy every minute of the hour
Crip to the heart but it's still black power
Fuck the S to the L to the O-B
Stay down with Crip cause Crip with me
(Said smoke that muthafucka)

Now I'ma stay down
And down for the mission
Let me get my Gat load the clips so I can this shit
A Gee, a ride
A grey Six Trey
Now I can get the A-K, you goin' in plate, uh
All right down, white down, show 'em hurt (nigga)
I gotta hearse to jerk and straight puttin' in work

" Puttin' in work
  Goddamn Snoops
  Smoke them muthafuckin' Snoops
  Goddamn right, Cuz
  Kill their punk bit ass, you know I'm sayin'
  Crippin' ain't easy
  Sorry muthafuckas
  I know Crippin' ain't easy
  You gon' puttin' in work for the 9-3's and the 9-4
  Fuck all you Slob-ass niggas
  We gon' kill you mentally
  And not physically on this motherfuckin' tape...
  This is for you Sin
  Cause this is Crip 4 Life
  Goddamn right Cuz
  Now I love the Crip niggas layin' in peace
  Crippin' ain't easy... I put in work... "