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Artist: Bloods & Crips
Album:  Bangin' On Wax
Song:   K's Up
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"You better get my muthafuckin' money back, you Slob-ass bitch
 'fore have my brother killed my peer and put some work in your punk-ass"

 Lil' nigga you... you outta line right there lil' homie, you step down"

"Naw... fuck you Cuz
 You better get my shit back 'fore you get busted on"

"No, it's like this
 You dropped your money there lil' nigga and I don't take it
 You look at your big brother, nigga"

"Get down, you take it fool
 I'll kill your all ass Slob, you better get my shit back
 I bust your ass my muthafuckin' ?? nigga"

By now you should know that this is the B-K, nigga
Slobs kinda deep but the Crips much bigger
Blue Ben Davis and I keep this shit saggin'
I'm proud that the K gang straight blue raggin'
Nigga, what do you gonna do about a nigga like me?
A Slob run up, I say: nigga, that's the C!
That everybody know that I'm a muthafuckin' Crip
I got a Glock 9 waitin' for you slip
So Slob get gaffled like bitches when they chin checked
Start wearin' the blue I got to peel cap
That's in effect he's tryin' to fuck with me
While I'm slangin' the ki's and makin' my G's, G
What's the use in the Elm with a dead rag
Lueders Park chopped up in the empty bag
Holly Hood in a slip knot
Moma's boy chopped up in a C block
No pipe but I do smoke weed though
A 20 sack got a bomb-ass endo
Did it once and I do it again
I'm from the C-O-M-P-T-O-N nigga

Compton's in the house

K's up
Another Crip face from the East Side
Baby Gangsta down with the hoo-ride
Can't trust no off-brand
So a nigga gotta bail with a strap in my hand
Elm Street, Lime Hood get crazy
Killed up on a fuckin' 3-80
Awol gotta goin' again
K's up, ho's down cause I'm puttin' the point in
Swayhooks wanna trip on a Crip
But the evil gangsta was straight empty the whole clip
Can't mix with the Inglewood Faggot
Twinky Slob or Crenshaw Maggot
Fruit Town get clowned like Tree Top
See the block Lueders Park get the pop pop
Can't fade a young-ass B.G.
More prop when I'm bailin' in the K-C
Khakis low - slangin' llello
K's up - I'm gone off the endo

"What's up big brother Cuz?
 You Slob nigga tried to get me fo' my money, Cuz!"

"Nigga I ain't tried to do that Cuz, ?? you in the hood lil’ nigga?"

"No, I always over there nigga hood"

"Shit, moma gon' fuck your lil' ass up, nigga"

"Bullshit Cuz, you got to gimme the A-K so I can smoke that muthafucka!"

"That shit bigger than you Cuz"

"Brothas check this out, nigga, let's do run up and check the fools out though"


Awol is comin' strong, a bullet in the 9 trigger
50 percent black but a hundred percent nigga
Wanna the B.G. ?? when the stick is ??
But if I got a gat - it's on
I ain't color blind, I see blue and red nigga
Do the wrong color and you in the dead nigga
You ain't C-K in it, what do you stop sayin' it
Get the 47 cause I love be playin' it
Like T-Bird “comin' out the cage”
Time to lick the muthafuckin' shells up in Gauge
Crip ain't easy but it's fun - I got get my gun
So I can kill dead Rum
Badboys - whatcha wanna do though?
I gotta 4-4 for a punk avenue though
I'm born to be a Crip that be fuck the days up
Fuck, see the Crip face nigga, K's up

"Hey Cuz, nigga, that Slob nigga, right there, gimme the strap Cuz!!!"

"Hey... hey Cuz, don't get his ass beat, fuck you Cuz!"

"Aw Cuz, gimme the strap ??? for your ass"

"You muthafucka shoot his ass"

"Slob muthafuckin' die Slob die! Nigga this is Kelly Park!
Die you Slob muthafucka... Cuz... Let's go, let's go!..."

Compton's in the house