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Artist: Blaze Ya Dead Homie f/ AMB
Album:  Gang Rags
Song:   Dub Sack
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah! Blaze ya dead homie MEC! Ten years in the making.. know about it, bitch!

[Chorus x2]
Dubsack, I got your back!
Hand you that for the Andy Jack
Parked on mac in a purple lac, trying to fatten up my stacks

[Verse 1]
Lookin for the twin twin twin
Check the purple mac with the switches hand damn
From the back ben quarters B ten
Auto mac cause I got a couple twelves to trade it for a sack
I got big way, and cut it straight up on
48 sacks and they all fat dubs
do the math cause making hand over fist paying six for a pound of that bubba kush shit
made them other hoes quit when I sealed up the block
6 shotgun shells and only 2 shots
now it's my spot, my place to shine
my street, my curb make money on a dime
Sup, you need a dime and I'm right on top
got me some nickelbacks for the bitches at the stop sign
just a little sample, only for the ample women
got a jackson and a dubsack you gettin'!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I take coin star notes to bottle return slips
phone cards, 360 points, I'm even with
I once took a headshot from this rap bitch
and the drought is raining over here, I got your fix
Paint your ass what it is it's the newest in the biz
By now they know mosquito I ain't fucking with no meds
Only fuck with whole grain at the heaviest of strain
A dubsack a day, it'll take away your pain, take the pressure off your brain, take the worry out your mind
load a dubsack in a blunt, and get high in hell
to smoke, choke, you feelin' good right?
Everything's a party when the dub's inside

[Bridge x2]
1 for the nickel
2 for the dime
20 for the dub of that bubba kind
1.50 for the quarter, 3 for the half
6 for the O with the pink giraffe

[Verse 3]
All my lettes' and los' everybody knows
that I'm out selling dubsacks after the shows
In the purple caddy out the back window
15 for my fam, 20 for you other hoes
You know this shit is actual
when a half on a digiscale
2 grams of bud and a half of gram of baggies sale
No stems or seeds, that shit has been gone
only keep the high gray, so you can get your smoke on
your homies get their coke on, rips from the glass
where burn the whole shack puts the smoke in the air
dubsacks I got em, best trees I got em
once you got a dub you can never live without em!

[Chorus x2]

[Bridge x2]
15 for the juggalos
15 for the juggalos
15 for the juggalos
and 20 for you other hoes

[Chorus x2]