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Artist: Blaq Poet f/ Reef the Lost Cauze
Album:  Blaq Poet Society
Song:   New Age Villain
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus 2X: various samples scratched]
"Recognize the G"
"What y'all don't know? Shots bang out of clips"
"Recognize the G"
"Macs, tecs, which ones you like?"

[Blaq Poet]
What, what, WHAT~?!
Poet's unstoppable, rhyme style remarkable
Flow like an AK, poppin you, droppin you
{*gunfire sprays*} I'm known as the wildest
I get it in, I'm the motherfuckin foulest
Who wanna test? I leave a bloody mess
Ain't none of y'all niggaz, built for my stress
Ready for war wearin Timbs and fatigues
Takin no prisoners it's you versus me
... I'm the hardest of the hardcore
It's God's law, I'm trained in the art of war
How many times I gotta say this shit?
Gotta remind y'all niggaz, y'all forget quick
I rep QB to the fullest
Got the whole rap industry sweatin bullets
You know my motto was fuck the police
From Queens Plaza to 59 Street
Touch mine and it's problems
So many problems... a genius can't solve them!


[Reef the Lost Cauze]
The righteous will prosper, I'm higher than opera notes
Tote guns, spit fire like Mothra - don't
ever look into the eye of a monster
I'm not, tryna battle you I'm tryin to pop you
You dumb! I was tryin to stop you
Now you dyin cause I hold the iron iron that shot you
Yo guns don't kill people, the soul of a man does
Leave you faceless like the mascot for And1
Throwback shit, hold that clip
I just collect money chill, and roll that piff
Until you get the picture, like a Kodak strip
They call me raw dog Cauze, I'm on that Kojak shit
Telly Saval' I'm ready for all, demolition
Hit 'em, until they ready to fall, hold my heat ready
Aim steady and all
Take niggaz back to school like every fall
It's the Cauze young boy...


{*samples from Chorus for a bit until fade*}