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Artist: Blaq Poet f/ Wais P the Pimp
Album:  Blaq Poet Society
Song:   Blood Pool
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Blaq Poet]
I'm non-stop hip-hop, Blaq Poet is a fuckin beast
Spit lyrics like that gun and I come in peace
Me and my Dunns yeah we, runnin this fuckin streets
Y'all niggaz is pussy, don't stand in front of me
I represent the streets, with my hard rhymes
I represent my niggaz, doin hard times
Y'all soft niggaz, come late when it's trouble
You hate when I bubble, can't relate to my struggle (nope)
The music you make, proves you a dud
I leave y'all niggaz layin in a, pool of blood
Y'all not on my level, I leave you in the dust
I'll leave you wit'cha people all broke up and crushed
This is that shit that they fiend for
The uncut raw is what they pay the green for
They say, that, these are the last days
In that case, yo, I'm goin on a rampage

You don't wanna play with these here niggaz
Cause these here niggaz walk around with hair triggers
In old school caddies, new Benzes with the navi
If you do it for your hood, then just show me where your hands be

[Wais P the Pimp]
Rubber band rap, my money slap my snow bunnies
Tell her shake it off, then buy her furs just to take it off
I'm makin off, with your life savings Bernie Madoff
Niggaz try to scam the same corner that I ate off
The difference is, ain't no mimickin, this is Pimpin shit
Crocodile lizard shit, sent hoes into blizzard shit
Flow rare isn't it? I dare you to visit this
I rip and tear limitless, it ain't fair you're finished kid
Wais P the business, Greek God, call me Icarus
You're flyin too close to the sun
Get your wings burned off, flame blown out and turned off
You're playin chicken with a semi-truck you need to turn off
My pimp crew colder, so many minks and furs
Next year we rock koala bear and polar
Shittin on you, when it's on I come through sprayin
like homeboy from Tucson, Arizona